Statistics show engaged members are more likely to refer, give, and volunteer.

Our member engagement software is a new approach to driving key outcomes in membership, program participation and giving:

Daxko Engage with Impact Drivers features our Daxko Engage relationship management platform with three solutions called Impact Drivers. These drivers, when combined with Daxko Engage, result in a high-touch, high-value engagement program to grow and strengthen membership, drive program participation, and increase giving.


We combine relationship management software and marketing automation for a systematic approach to increasing member engagement and community outreach. With the ability to set up target groups to receive an automated flow of communication — including email, phone calls, text messages, and face-to-face meetings — YMCA staff can reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Our studies show that systematic and intentional communication increases retention, program participation and overall satisfaction for YMCA members and prospects.


Delivered through Daxko Engage, Impact Drivers act like an extension of your staff and leverage Daxko’s marketing, communication, and data expertise to drive out-comes in three high-volume areas: membership, programs, and  contributions. Our Impact Driver experts manage multi-channel  communication systems, including email, text messages, and Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR).

Impact Drivers are a great  solution for centers that don’t have a team of full-time staff with to execute on high-quality, high-volume, year-round engagement.

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Daxko’s Member Impact Driver helps you grow and strengthen membership. Daxko’s expert staff impact member prospecting, retention, and recovery with sophisticated initiatives in key points in the member  lifecycle. With Member Impact your mem-bers will feel connected to your cause throughout their journey.

  • Member prospecting
  • New member engagement
  • Member loyalty surveys (NPS)
  • Member milestone recognition
  • Proactive information renewal
  • Payment info renewal
  • Member Recovery


Daxko’s Participant Impact Driver improves program and event participation,  effectiveness, and retention.  We’ll help you fill rosters and keep participants coming back for more. Participant Impact includes real-time access to detailed program bench-marking reports with immediate detractor alerts in Daxko Engage.

  • Program recruitment
  • Reminder texts
  • Program loyalty surveys
  • Program success analysis


Daxko’s Donor Impact Driver will increase contributions through targeted donor acquisition, cultivation, and retention. Stay tuned as we refine this Impact Driver in the future!


Daxko Engage is designed to do one thing—drive engagement. It allows you to target groups of members in highly-focused,  scalable, relevant ways. Daxko Engage also heightens face-to-face interactions with members, participants, prospects, donors, and volunteers.

  • Automated email
  • Check-in notifications
  • On the wellness floor engagement
  • Task assignment to staff
  • Automated workflow
  • Reporting
  • Engagement Index

Don’t take it from us.

Our customers have great successes that they want to share with you.

“You need the software tools to measure, evaluate and identify those [members] you are trying to engage.”

Bob Moss Senior VP of Membership, YMCA of South Hampton Roads

"We absolutely love Daxko Engage. It has opened so many doors and opportunities to connect with our members it is unbelievable!"

− Marcy VenJohn, Associate Director of Marketing & Mission Advancement, YMCA of Southwest Kansas

"Daxko Engage is a game-changer for us. It has given us a leg up as we coordinate volunteers and staff and challenge them all with better understanding individual members’ needs and interests. Those efforts are really paying off."

− Dave Bell, Executive Director, YMCA of Greater Louisville

"Daxko Engage has been the catalyst behind training our staff to not only use the software, but also what good engagement looks like. Staff are better able to connect members to the Y mission and offerings, and when people get connected they stay, and when they stay, we have a chance to impact their lives."

− Bob Moss, Senior Vice President, YMCA of South Hampton Roads