Data shows that engaged members are more likely to refer, give, and volunteer.

A new approach to driving key outcomes in membership, program participation and giving:

Daxko Engage with Impact Drivers features our Daxko Engage relationship management platform with three new service-enabled technology solutions called Impact Drivers. These Impact Drivers, when combined with Daxko Engage, result in a high-touch, high-value engagement program to grow and strengthen membership, drive program participation, and increase giving.


Built specifically with member-based nonprofits in mind, Daxko Engage is a combination relationship management and marketing automation tool. It helps you cultivate relationships with your members and community with integrated tools — including email, text message, and interactive voice recordings.


We  provide you with a dashboard of member metrics that will help you measure your organization’s success on a monthly basis, and even see how you stack up against your peers. You’ll also gain visibility into staff to see that they are completing follow-up tasks and continuing to build relationships with your members. With 100% accountability, you should see a more engaged community of members, participants, and donors.

Don’t take it from us.

Our customers have great successes that they want to share with you.

“You need the software tools to measure, evaluate and identify those [members] you are trying to engage.”

Bob Moss
Senior VP of Membership, YMCA of South Hampton Roads