2015 Trends & Opportunities


Daxko surveys YMCA, JCC, and community center leaders about the trends in the market. We compile and publish these results to provide valuable insights to nonprofit leaders. Read the report.

The Member Lifecycle


A comprehensive engagement plan begins before a member even becomes a member. Learn more about member engagement and the member lifecycle in this day-in-the-life video. View the video.

You Have More Influence than  you Think.


Member-based nonprofits wield a tremendous amount of influence to impact and change lives by engaging with members on a deeper level. Learn about the influence you have in this video and then register to receive your complimentary engagement snapshot that will show you your percentage of members with high, medium, low, and critical engagement.

How Non-traditional Competition will Impact the Future of Membership


For a long time YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers have faced increasing competition from for-profit clubs. The new wellness landscape has become even more complex with younger demographic groups …read more.

Engagement eBook


Engaging members, program participants, and the community is a big task. This guidebook has a whole host of ideas that can improve engagement all around your association, from leadership to program satisfaction. Dig in!

MIA Profile Report


Are you in danger of losing members? Download our MIA profile to find out the average center’s missing members and learn how you can help keep the percentage of missing members down at your organization.

Impact Video

Focusing on your at-risk member takes time and effort but winning members back before they leave your center is easier than trying to influence them after they cancel their membership. Watch this video to learn why reaching out to and engaging at-risk members is so important and rewarding!

More Staff Engagement with Members at Pikes Peak


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ariella Franco, the Member Experience Director at the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs, CO about the work they’ve been doing with Daxko Engage. “We needed a connection with members that was more consistent and more systematic….” Read the blog post.