Podcast Transcription

Saranda West: Welcome to the Accelerant podcast, where we are impacting thought leadership and the nonprofit community.

Hi there. Welcome to the first ever episode of the Accelerant podcast. If you could see me right now, I am pacing and had to even stand up for this. I’m just so crazy excited to share this new endeavor with you. Before we start pushing forward, let me give you a little idea of what we’re talking about.

Obviously, we’re launching a podcast for the first time. Lots of information. Why should you listen? All of those things. Let’s start out with, who am I? My name is Saranda West. I’m the Director of Product at Daxko. Of course, like with any titles, you’re probably thinking, okay, what does that mean?

What that means for me is my team works with you, our customers, our partners, our market every day to understand what solutions that we need to build. I can’t even explain to you what those conversations mean so many times. It’s in the details of, “Add this column to this report,” but we get to hear so many fantastic stories and meet some amazing people.

For me, that is just my energy. If I’m ever having a bad day or I’m unsure of where we’re headed, all it takes is a phone call to be re-energized by all of the great things that you are doing in the community. As we were talking about a podcast and what that looks like, my two worlds collided.

Here we are today launching a podcast, and the goal is that we will talk with individuals across the nonprofit community that are doing great things, serving their communities in unique ways. They have so many lessons and stories that we can all learn from.  

So, why the Accelerant? Let me read this definition for you.

When you use the noun form, accelerant means a substance used to aid the spread of fire. As an adjective, accelerating or causing acceleration. That is exactly what we want to do. Spread the fire and accelerate your mission throughout the world. As often as we can, we’ll be talking to individuals across the nonprofit community that live and breathe their missions every day, learning and sharing amazing lessons and stories that we all need to hear about.

I hope you will join me in subscribing to the Accelerant podcast on your favorite podcast app, or check us out on daxko.com. I look forward to introducing you to these marvelous people, concepts and stories. Talk to you soon.  

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