Season 2: An Uncovering. This season sheds light on amazing stories to showcase innovative ideas and solutions from around the country. These episodes uncover the realities of recovery and healing in every community. Join us for Season 2!

Podcast Transcription

Welcome to Accelerant Season 2. We are so excited to share with you. I’m your host, Saranda West.  

It’s a new year and typically a time of reflection. As I looked back on the Accelerant and 2020, quite honestly, I found it really hard to get motivated. We’re still in a pandemic, the turmoil of a country.

But then I remembered where I get my energy, and it’s simply talking to people. The goal of Season 1 of the Accelerant was to bring people that served in nonprofits together to share their stories of how they have connected with their community or their staff. But we started recording Season 1 in February 2020.  

Little did we know that our worlds would be turned upside down weeks later. Like all of us, we changed our plans. And I’m so glad we did because those seven episodes now capture a unique point in our history. Season 2 will capture the other end of this chapter and shed light on how organizations serve their communities throughout the year, but also highlight their plans for 2021 and beyond – basically how they will make meaning out of the difficulties we have all faced.

As the Director of Product at Daxko, it’s my responsibility to understand what is going on in the world, the challenges that our customers are facing and how we can help solve those problems. In my role, I’ve seen how nonprofits have served through some really difficult times. Their innovation and dedication that I have seen includes recreating their childcare offerings for first responders, providing food and companionship for seniors, and much, much more with the theme of overall just a tenacity to serve.

To summarize, Season 2 is my response to what I’ve been able to see throughout the pandemic. This season sheds light on these amazing stories, shares innovative ideas and solutions from around the country, and covers the reality of recovery and healing. Join us for Accelerant 2, an uncovering.  

Accelerant, a substance use to aid the spread of fire. Accelerating or causing acceleration.

This is the Accelerant podcast.

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