Use Daxko Spectrum’s Series Sales to package diverse products and services and reach more customers. Design personalized offerings that cut across multiple departments. From spa to training, get more value from your staff and facilities. Create new revenue streams. Create loyalty that lasts. Create dynamic packages that drive your business to new heights.


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Offer your club members more personalized packages and properly account for the added sophistication. Daxko Spectrum’s Series Sales allows you to capture more revenue and reach more customers with automated tools for managing multiple products or services rolled into one sale.


    • Engage more customers with unique offerings, personalized service and flexible pricing.
    • Empower more departments and more staff to close up-sell, cross-sell and traditional sales opportunities.
    • Automate payroll and accounting with smart functions that instantly process key financial data.
    • Gather, organize and share real marketing intelligence through targeted reports.
    • Enjoy full integration with Spectrum and connect to your entire club.

From personal training to spa outings, Series Sales tracks usage, applies discounts, calculates pay rates, assigns commissions, targets expiration dates, and generates reports for any package you can build. It’s flexible and powerful enough to launch creative deals from any department. And it’s smart enough to integrate everything into one simple workflow.

Use Series Sales to streamline your offerings and navigate complexities. Design innovative packages that maximize your capabilities. Stay in front of your members with instant service and accurate numbers. Explore new sales opportunities because SpectrumNG is built to handle your imagination.



Series Sales offers an endless number of options for delivering targeted packages to your customer base.

Create discounts for designated groups or memberships. Offer sessions through both your online and in-house channels. Customize expiration dates to match your promotions. Choose fixed date, set date from first use, or sessions that never expire, and let your expiration options be as dynamic as your packages.

Whether based on a percentage or set amount, series sales sessions can be set up with a specific pay type and rate. Set Series Sales up to calculate a designated pay rate each time a session is utilized. And determine a commission rate for each series sales package. Choose a flat or percentage rate for individual packages and motivate your staff to sell services in bulk. You can give each staff member their own rate – nice for clubs with multiple departments engaged in the selling process.

Gain more control with flexible options for managing your trainers and instructors. Set up Series Sales to accept input from signed vouchers and paperwork, or go paperless and leverage session data entered into your database. And, decide if your specialists can backlog sessions. Set everything up according to your policies and procedures.


Daxko Spectrum tracks sales and usage of series sales packages with speed and precision. Eliminate questions and concerns surrounding the implementation of your packages. With powerful functions built for your business, Series Sales manages more complex offerings that may not fit in a traditional sales cycle.

Turn your front desk into a profit center by using the POS module to market series sales packages at the first – or last – point of contact. Simply pull up a member, select a package and collect payment. New revenue streams are now at your fingertips.

Get instant access to a member’s sales usage history and information. And get a running count of sessions purchased, sessions utilized, sessions remaining and initial payment. Even drill down to the exact date, time, employee and comments associated with any session. Both fast and friendly, Series Sales helps turn your front-line staff into a revenue machine.

Give your trainers and instructors a new tool for recording sessions with pinpoint accuracy. Sync your system to a training appointment’s scheduled time. Redeem and deliver a session on the spot and automatically calculate the correct pay and commission for that session. Now, trainers can focus on their clients while SpectrumNG does all the heavy lifting in the background.

Series sales packages are the perfect fit for group exercise classes, too. Pilates, boot camp and yoga all work better in bunches. Let Series Sales manage pay rates, usage, and deferred revenue for all your Group X classes, providing a healthy experience for your members and a big boost to your bottom line.

Run a true destination spa with broader, more holistic packages meant to differentiate your club from the competition. Series Sales is the ideal tool for positioning your spa as more than a value-add service. Manage spa sales and redemption. Confirm employee pay rates and expiration dates on packages. View purchases and redemptions together and better communicate with your spa customers.

    • Log and track individual sessions for better accounting and customer service.
    • Record personal training sessions connected to any training package.
    • Design creative spa packages that showcase your specialists and expertise.

Daxko Spectrum generates powerful reports that reflect critical data collected by the Series Sales module. Gain valuable insight into your series sales transactions, including usage, adjustments, comps and refunds. Get a comprehensive view of any transaction. Connect downstream to payroll with accurate, timely reporting aligned with each series sales package. With Series Sales reporting, it’s really about delivering tactical support to any member of your staff wherever, or whenever, it’s needed.

  • Motivate members with reports capturing unused sessions.
  • Capitalize on up-sell opportunities by identifying packages nearing completion.
  • Gather and calculate pay rates based on any series sales package.