Our industry is always growing and evolving. Nothing is easy. Daxko Spectrum Scheduler simplifies your entire scheduling process, down to those small details that really matter. Automate appointments and bookings, and speed billing and payment. No more conflicts or errors because everything on your schedule becomes more precise, more predictable, and totally optimized.


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Daxko Spectrum Scheduler optimizes employee and resource management through one powerful tool for scheduling and payment. Appointments and bookings become fully automated. Daxko Spectrum Scheduler makes billing and payment easy and accurate.

A customizable, intuitive interface simplifies the entire scheduling process, down to the most critical elements that drive your club – good numbers, great people, and your best customer service.


  • Customize Scheduler to track resources and employees based on your club’s needs.
  • Get a concise, consistent and comprehensive view of club bookings in a graphics-rich environment.
  • Publish online and connect your schedule to any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Bill properly using custom inputs that reflect your diverse staff and services.
  • Run reports both before and after the billing process and ensure pinpoint accuracy.

The health club industry has reached new levels of sophistication and complexity – more facilities, more services, more employees. And managing time and people effectively becomes crucial to success. SpectrumNG Scheduler is the engine that makes your club run smooth and efficient. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and billing errors by connecting your members and employees to one, integrated system.

Daxko Spectrum streamlines the entire scheduling process with flexible setup options, online booking and accurate reporting. Design Scheduler to match your booking rules and membership types.

Let members make spa appointments and book tennis courts from anywhere, at any time. Generate custom reports and view your business from fresh angles. Scheduler scales and flexes to meet your specific needs, getting the most from your time and resources.

Fill Your Club With Valuable Resources.



Scheduler introduces a robust set of options for club mangers to customize services and fees. Control booking rules, payment requirements and employee availability. Designed to fit the unique needs of your business, and flexible enough to manage your busiest months. Scheduler takes the guesswork out of planning and produces accurate numbers every time.

  • Create separate booking rules for both online and in-house operations.
  • Control reservations, resources and payments with timing and precision.
  • Align fees and access with different membership types and guest services.
  • Establish special fees for group bookings and club discounts.

Daxko Spectrum’s Scheduler brings your club to life with one quick snapshot. View an entire reservation from one main booking screen, an intuitive grid design built for speed and accuracy. Booking made easy.

Search available dates, times and employees based on real-time data. Manage with confidence knowing Scheduler is filling up your club with hassle-free reservations made by satisfied customers.

  • Access multiple resources to create more flexible bookings.
  • Drill down and search specific employees, dates and time ranges.
  • Book, view and edit recurrent reservations on an individual basis.
  • Select additional participants from a “buddy list” for each member and guest.

Scheduler makes your complete club schedule available online. Members can access the program from anywhere, at any time, booking tennis and racquetball courts, as well as personal trainers and physical therapy. Customize and control booking requirements for up to 50 viewable schedules.

Let Daxko Spectrum do the scheduling for you.

  • Allow customers to choose date, time and duration for any scheduled service.
  • Control guest access to any scheduled service.
  • Indicate if payment is required at the time of any online booking.
  • Designate different rules for online services and in-house bookings.

Utilize Scheduler’s flexible reporting features and dig deeper into billing and operations. Club managers can run multiple reports and organize by specific criteria for fine-tuned analysis. Scheduler doubles as a virtual assistant, getting your numbers right with comprehensive reports that drive accurate billing. Exercise the power of Scheduler to solve problems, recognize trends, and plan your club’s future success.

  • Organize reports by date range, operator, service, resource, provider or participant.
  • Pull cancellations, unpaid registrants, and sales generated through the Scheduler Program.
  • Select from a wide range of criteria and customize pre-billing reports.
  • Print post-billing reports and organize by payment type.