Power your programs from start to finish using an automated tool for managing your busiest schedule. Daxko Spectrum Program Registration aligns resources so your facility can connect with members, organize instructors, process fees and keep everything moving at a winning pace. Get ready to launch your biggest lineup of programs. Get ready to pave a smoother path to success.


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Power your programs with Daxko Spectrum Program Registration, a smart mix of features designed to register both members and nonmembers into your ever-evolving lineup of courses and activities. It’s built to launch and support a busy schedule.


Search your programs by site, session, category, course or program. Program Registration is flexible and connects instantly to the exact data you need. Use the advanced search to target dates, days of week and instructor. Everything is viewable and ready to enroll customers into any program you set up.

  • Unify all of your programs for better organization and performance.
  • Search using advanced functions tailored for your business needs.
  • Manage program fees with accurate, automated support.
  • Extend your reach online and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Connect to one platform and leverage the power of SpectrumNG.

Driven by an innovative, tiered hierarchy, Program Registration organizes programs by sessions and categories. Define the number of available seats for each program. Balance your waiting list. Implement a flexible fee structure. Even set up special requirements for each class, including gender, age, grade and registration start and end dates.

Customize Program Registration to showcase your unique offerings and capabilities. It’s the total solution for managing all your programs with speed and efficiency.

Now, register with ease and accuracy, ensuring your programs stay full and your customers stay satisfied. Search a program by site, session, category, course, or a specific program. Quickly view program starts, days, times, instructors, availability and a current tally of existing registrants.

Daxko Spectrum displays applicable fees while giving you the option to prorate programs already in session. It also identifies customers that don’t meet age or gender requirements for a specific program. All of which gives your staff more time for planning and execution. Program Registration allows you to operate at full strength, giving you the freedom to run your best programs.

And Program Registration is fully integrated into Daxko Spectrum’s robust suite of programs. Move quickly to Point of Sale and better manage fees. Choose the Bulk Pay function for members wanting to satisfy – at one time – all unpaid programs.

Register or withdraw a customer, adjust both the roster and available spots for a given program, and charge or credit based on your billing rules. And all of these transactions flow directly to Accounts Receivable and General Ledger.

It’s all automated, agile and built into Daxko Spectrum for pure control and downstream communication.

Take your business online and enroll with today’s technology. Daxko Spectrum supplies a rich feature set to any computer, tablet or smartphone. Empower your members to register online, at their convenience.

You supply the details: courses, payment method and enrollment period. Program Registration supplies the savings: time, hassles and expenses. Daxko Spectrum leverages the power of the web, finding new revenue streams and boosting productivity throughout your entire facility.

Program your way to the top of the health club industry.



Program Registration follows a logical workflow, including background information, both course categories and individual courses, sessions and programs. The program hierarchy is simple and intuitive. It’s tiered and dynamic, with Session, Category, Course, Program and Class providing the foundation for your setup.

Session Setup creates registration start and end dates. Clone or copy sessions and eliminate duplication of courses and programs you offer on a regular basis.

Category Setup builds categories for your programs. Program searches and reports can be organized by category.

Course Setup helps program fees, instructors, resources, pop-up notes, program details and age, and gender requirements. Also, create course codes and rules for payment and enrollment.

Program Setup defines dates, times, size and waiting list parameters for your various programs. Set a target number of registrants. After creating a program, you can edit date, time, instructor and resource for an individual class. And with automatic e-mail notification, Program Setup allows you to cancel or reinstate programs, too.

Finish the tier design with Class, setting specific time and dates a program meets. And determine instructor, resource, subject and subject detail.

Fees Setup is your accountant, keeping the numbers straight based on your club policies and rules. Input fees for members and nonmembers, set up two levels of early bird fees, and automatically calculate prorated fees for courses pegged to a particular start date. And, if necessary, go ahead and bill for materials, supplies and cancellations.

Program Registration captures lots of data, helping achieve your objectives. It also captures opportunities and turns them into revenue.


Search your programs by site, session, category, course or program. Program Registration is flexible and connects instantly to the exact data you need. Use the advanced search to target dates, days of week and instructor. Everything is viewable and ready to enroll customers into any program you set up.

  • Utilize the program look-up feature to search programs by individual.
  • Leave messages that display when specific customers enroll.
  • Get a comprehensive view of valuable criteria used in the selection process.

Enrolling both members and nonmembers into your programs is fast and easy. Search members by name or member number. Search nonmembers by name or telephone number. You can also add customers as you go.

And Program Registration has smart functions that align with your club policies. Leverage the intelligence of Daxko Spectrum to alert staff when a customer wants to enroll, but doesn’t meet your requirements for that program. It’s really about getting you the right information – at the right time – to make smarter business decisions.

  • Automate the migration of customers from a full class to a waiting list.
  • Use Managerial Control for enrolling an individual into a full class.
  • Move from program to program without manually calculating fees.