Daxko Spectrum’s Locker Management is a simple way to manage member traffic and secure member property. Now, track locker inventory, assignment and combinations using an automated system that not only streamlines locker space, but also delivers a valuable revenue stream. It’s time to start treating lockers like an asset.


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Daxko Spectrum’s Locker Management creates and manages multiple types of lockers within your facility, providing both members and non-members a safe, secure environment to store valuables. Track locker inventory, assignment and combinations with a dedicated module built for ease and accuracy. Set up locker areas, categories and numbers to match your facility layout and needs. With Locker Management, discover endless ways to power your lockers. It’s a robust feature set that automates your locker rooms and keeps your members moving.


  • Design all your locker areas using intuitive, customizable features.
  • Turn lockers into a revenue stream with integrated billing options.
  • Accommodate any locker need, from daily to monthly usage.
  • Manage club logistics and improve customer service.
  • Integrate with Spectrum and enjoy a complete, end-to-end locker solution.

A modern, efficient locker system not only manages member traffic and protects belongings, but is also a great selling point to prospects and non-member groups touring your facility. Club staff will appreciate having your entire locker inventory at their fingertips. Locker Management is really the first step to a great customer experience.

Now, make lockers a source of revenue with flexible billing options for any usage scenario. Designate lockers for daily or monthly rental. Even add a towel service. Use Locker Management to design your locker banks through an easy setup. Locker Management means speed and security for your customers and optimum resource management for your business.

Secure your locker rooms with pure automation.



Categorize lockers however you want. From executive lockers to the pool, from the men’s locker room to the women’s, define locker categories to align with your day-to-day operations.

Customize options and settings, and accelerate the pace of your club. Locker Management leaves guesswork behind, leaving your front-line staff free to assign lockers on the fly. And get organized fast. Locker Management allows you to choose color settings down to tabs and title bar for each category, creating a hassle-free system for getting members through the doors and into their workout.

  • Charge a one-time locker fee, or bill a monthly recurring fee.
  • Assign lockers for daily usage or member’s only.
  • Add additional fees to any locker category.

First, identify and customize locker categories, and then set up your actual lockers. Lockers are grouped in locker banks for cleaner organization. Quickly set up one row of lockers, or an entire locker room. Add lockers individually using manual controls, or in a numeric sequence throughout a locker bank.


Locker Management allows your facility to offer locks on an ad hoc basis. If a member forgets their lock, simply provide a club-owned lock and preassign it to a particular locker. Or, assign directly to the member or guest needing the lock. And everyone is safe because locker combinations are always secured in the system.


The locker assignment screen allows you to identify, access and assign available lockers in an instant. Categories and locker banks are color-coded according to setup, while lockers occupied and paid are displayed with clear, recognizable icons. Select a locker, locate a member, assign a lock and select a method of payment. Locker Management is transparent to the member and simple for the staff.

Upfront payments can be made through POS, AR or Billing. Everything is integrated through Daxko Spectrum, delivering multiple options for locker charges. Locker Management is built to handle day lockers as well. If you assign a day locker, Locker Management will automatically vacate that locker when your member or guest is finished using it.


Quickly track locker assignments for both members and non-members. View assigned, vacant and expired lockers in one snapshot. And clear expired lockers from Locker Management with a one-button selection. Enjoy convenient reports showing locker category, status, start date and expiration date. Use the data to alert customers with expired lockers through letters or e-mails.

Locker Management truly is an end-to-end solution for managing all of your locker needs.