Give your facility an edge with a total solution for running leagues and tournaments. Whatever the sport, whatever the season, Daxko Spectrum League Scheduler is your source for registering, tracking and billing both individuals and teams. Everything is paperless, and everything is automated for the latest results and the finest details.


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Go professional with League Tournament Management, the complete solution for managing all of your leagues and tournaments. Build bigger brackets to track all of your games. Register individuals or teams. Charge fees based around flexible payment rules.


  • Deliver accurate scores and standings in real time.
  • Bill accurately for both teams and individuals.
  • Integrate with Daxko Spectrum for better resource management.
  • Speed enrollment and boost appeal with online access.

Basketball, tennis, racquetball…whatever the sport, whatever the season, League Tournament Management has the functions and capabilities to manage your leagues and tournaments like the pros.

And League Tournament Management is fully integrated into Daxko Spectrum, connecting to other key modules that make your leagues and tournaments even more dynamic. Track employee payroll. Schedule games into existing resources. View games through your master facility schedule. Even collect fees through the Point of Sale screen. Streamline both your sports and athletes with the power of Daxko Spectrum.

No more paper, mismanaged fees, and questions about results. From scores to standings, everything you need to run a superior league or tournament is an easy setup away.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface in a graphics-rich environment, bringing life to your leagues and control to your fingertips. Whether hosting a tour stop, or running a full summer league, League Tournament Management makes the most of your time and resources.

Go online and leverage the power of the web. Daxko Spectrum supplies a rich feature set to any computer, tablet or smartphone. Enroll teams, manage rosters, and check schedules, all at the user’s convenience. Just another way Spectrum can take you from amateur to pro.

Create your own play-off atmosphere.



General Setup is a primer for all leagues and tournaments. Determine if a player can participate on multiple teams. Define a waiver for online enrollment. And, grant captains, managers and players to default security permissions for online access. Emails can be sent for confirmations, cancellations and reminders. Walk through the remainder of the setup and choose from a variety of options validating rules and requirements for each league you offer.

  • Identify individual sports your club offers from the Sport Setup.
  • Specify season duration and enrollment dates using Season Setup.
  • Declare age and gender restrictions through League Setup.
  • Input names and details for specific leagues or tournaments with League Season Setup.

Enjoy new setup screens for both seasons and leagues. Season Setup specifies season duration and enrollment start and end date, helping staff to browse for league seasons and run reports. League Setup defines restrictions based on gender, age, team capacity, game type and roster type. Go ahead and create your leagues at the League Setup screen. Next, indicate whether your league is a singles, doubles or team sport and if you want a play bracket. Officials, roster size, and number of teams are also entered here.

Also predefine venues for games. Venues can contain in-house resources, which can be integrated with other modules, and external resources.

We also have new options for creating your actual leagues in the add/ edit league tournament setup screens. Set up in-house and online registration dates, add a roster change deadline date, require a payment, or include an open enrollment option. Calculate league standings using League Points awarded for wins, losses, ties, forfeits and defaults. League standings can be used to determine playoff tournament eligibility and pairings. The Playoff Tournament setting adds a end-of-season single or double elimination bracket. The new Group Setup enables combined playoff brackets, meaning the best teams from each group automatically advance and play one another. League Tournament Management continues to deliver the innovation and automation needed to manage a perfect season, down to the last point.

And don’t worry if games come down to the wire, because Daxko Spectrum uses a variety of tie-break methods. Set up the Tie Break Methods and always send somebody home a winner.

  • Break a tie using the total points earned and/or the fewest points allowed throughout a league schedule.
  • Use head-to-head matchups between teams playing each other in the same league.
  • Rate teams after each game and declare a winner based on sportsmanship points.

In the spirit of fair play, Spectrum allows you to suspend a player and define the suspension expiration date and suspension reason. The suspended player’s status can be updated to Active after serving the designated suspension. If necessary, you can also ban a player, a more permanent measure that prevents new registrations. Both suspended and banned players are indicated as such on team rosters and game sheets.


Get your teams rolling in League Tournament Management. Users can select a group before enrolling a team. Then, enter a team name, logo, and build your roster. If the same team has previously competed in another league or tournament, simply import the roster into the league you are building. And encourage teams to enroll and pay online to expedite the process. Taking the field has never been this easy.


Both flexible and precise, League Tournament Management can charge team or individual fees for every league you offer. When using the team fee type, the facility may choose to offer a multiple payment option. This allows the players on a team to make multiple payments towards their team’s balance until the team is paid in full. With individual fee types, you can even develop different pricing for different membership types. Daxko Spectrum is a smart accountant, ensuring everyone pays to play.


Start by manually entering a schedule for the first week of games. Then clone the games for the rest of the tournament, or season with the required number of weeks necessary to complete your chosen format. Use the Assign Competitors function to insert designated teams into a round-robin format. Specific games may be manually adjusted to create a perfect season.


And when you’re playing for keeps, Daxko Spectrum delivers with a robust set of features for recording the outcome of every game. Enter final scores. Note whether a team forfeited. And identify the individuals that played in the game. Input game details, and League Tournament Management updates the standings as you go. Daxko Spectrum is your official scorer – and helps stir up the competition.


Build a bracket in a snap. Based on your setup, League Tournament Management can create either a single, or double elimination bracket. Specify the time and place for each game. Assign the officials working the game. And enter the scores and participants, all by clicking on the appropriate game.

Winners automatically advance to the next round in the bracket. And for double elimination tournaments, the loser will drop directly into the loser’s bracket. Daxko Spectrum will even turn your league standings into a play-off tournament based on how your teams finished.


Extend your reach with new League Tournament Management online enhancements. Upload an image as a team logo. And empower players registering for open enrollment leagues to input preferences such as team or teammate. We’ve also provided the option to browse leagues and tournaments without being logged into an account (offline mode). Offline users can view critical in-season information, including sport, teams, standings, and the daily game schedule.

With bold, new features, League Tournament Management brings new meaning to “tournament time.”