Group X programs are generating more and more traffic. And Daxko Spectrum Group X will help you capture it, providing a better way for members and guests to register and pay for classes. Plan, enroll and audit classes with greater confidence and a lot more success. Both online and off, make your classes more attractive and differentiate your services with the power of Group X.


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Streamline the entire scheduling process for your Group X classes. Your members want to take advantage of everything your club has to offer: yoga, spin, Pilates, and other group classes that make a difference. Whatever the class, Daxko Spectrum Group X helps you register members and guests with ease and efficiency.


  • Offer new classes, attract new members, and generate new revenue streams.
  • Register members and guests with speed and precision.
  • Provide flexible enrollment options that meet your customer demands.
  • Set up Group X to match your booking rules and club capabilities.
  • Integrate with Spectrum and accept multiple methods of payment.

The health club industry has reached new levels of sophistication. Your customers take a more holistic approach to their fitness, and Group X classes meet those diverse needs, and niche requirements. However, planning and executing Group X classes can stretch your staff and stress your business. Daxko Spectrum delivers a powerful, flexible solution to simplify the entire Group X scheduling process.

Make your classes more attractive and differentiate your services with the power of Group X. Plan your classes with confidence. Enjoy a smoother enrollment process. Audit class attendance and gather meaningful data. And take advantage of today’s technology with online booking.

From boot camp to aqua aerobics, Daxko Spectrum adapts to your unique blend of group classes. And pushes you to new levels of performance, helping make you a market leader. Helping you build the best Group X.

Scheduling is no longer a difficult equation. We’ve already solved for X.



Group X offers a pain-free setup to jump-start your classes. Categorize classes and help members make choices with a quick snapshot. Each class has its own capacity options, booking rules and levels of fees and commissions. And take the option of displaying available equipment for any Group X class. Pilates and spin may have limited hardware, so communicating supply and demand will eliminate headaches and give certain classes a more exclusive appeal.

  • Customize your setup and fine-tune your workflow.
  • Allow series sales redemptions for more flexible payment.
  • Take user payments directly through Point of Sale.

Group X provides flexible registration options that help fill up classes and maximize the total club experience. Register online, at the club, or through a state-of-the-art self-service kiosk. Group X makes room for all of your members and guests, giving you marketing reach and elevating your status as a user-friendly, full-service club.

When registering at the club, your customers have the option of utilizing the front desk – a fast and easy way to empower your front-line staff. Or, access the self-service kiosk conveniently located in your lobby.

Scan membership cards, print receipts and accept credit cards, all part of the kiosk package. And with a touch-screen interface and intuitive functions, our kiosk will look great in your club, take pressure off your staff, and give customers fast access to all your Group X classes.

Daxko Spectrum aligns your strengths with industry dynamics, helping you push the boundaries of club performance.

  • Automate registration for classes and improve resource management.
  • Go online and leverage the power of the web for superior customer service.
  • Install a Daxko Spectrum kiosk and provide advanced, secure scheduling options.