Gift cards are a proven way to boost revenue and build a brand. And don’t forget the added convenience, security and even visibility that gift cards bring your business. Daxko Spectrum Gift Card Management introduces the power of gift cards to your facility. Going forward, customize cards with your logo. Or promote your spa or café. Gift cards offer endless possibilities.


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Gift cards are a powerful way to offer convenience, increase profitability and build brand awareness. Daxko Spectrum Gift Card Management is a dedicated module for creating, selling and tracking customized pre-printed gift cards redeemable for any service your club provides. Perfect for the café or the spa, take advantage of a proven method for generating new revenue streams while enhancing your club’s professional image.


    • Offer a new payment method available throughout your club.
    • Customize cards for branding and promotional opportunities.
    • Control the entire gift card process with simple, intuitive functions.
    • Make gift card sales, redemption and refunds a customer service tool.
    • Integrate fully with Daxko Spectrum for downstream accounting and accuracy.

Gift Card Management makes it easy to design attractive cards, promote versatile usage and automatically track value – all in a secure environment. It’s flexible enough for single or multi-site clubs. Apply your club logo and put your own signature on each card. And Gift Card Management is fully integrated with Daxko Spectrum, making it easy to manage gift cards from activation to expiration.

Gift cards have become a preferred method of payment for many consumer-driven industries. Today’s health club is a multi-service business driven by customer service and attention to detail, making Gift Card Management an ideal tool for attracting and retaining customers throughout your facility. Use Gift Card Management as a simple, efficient way for members and guests to get the most out of your club.

Make plastic your club’s preferred method of payment.



Starting at the corporate office, create an item code for all participating facilities. The gift card setup can account for general ledger postings into a liability account for deferred revenue. At card redemption, revenue flows to the designated account tied to the purchased item or service. Define an exact expiration date as part of a strategic promotion, or open, ongoing customer use. Prepare cards in bulk with a pre-determined dollar amount, or customize individual cards with a unique value. Setup is quick, easy, and ready for activation.


Gift cards are sold and activated through POS. Gift Card Management can accommodate any purchase or redemption amount. Once a customer chooses a purchase amount, the card is activated and all redemptions are reflected through POS. Allow your members to use their gift card at any of your locations. And if a card is lost, deactivate the card in a snap using the same POS functions.

And through POS, gift cards can be used anywhere in your facility. Whether having lunch by the pool, or enjoying a massage in the spa, Gift Card Management empowers your members and guests with a reliable source of payment. No more cash or credit cards. Simply select an item or service for purchase, choose gift card and redeem.

Gift Card Management is streamlined through POS for both security and convenience.

    • Track and monitor card values automatically through Spectrum.
    • Leverage available card amounts for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
    • Add additional value to any card through a one-step function.

Gift cards have become a standard method for offering customer refunds. They also provide innovative vehicles for selling vertical services or introducing a customer to a new club amenity. Use Gift Card Management instead of issuing cash or credit. Gift card refunds not only ensure future revenue, but also help keep your books clean.


Use the Gift Card List or Gift Cards by Member features to review card information and history in a snapshot. Gift Card Management captures everything required for reporting and decision making though one simple view: original purchase amount, amount spent, amount available, and what items or services were redeemed per transaction. And even print a receipt of individual transactions. Gift Card Management connects your staff to precise numbers in an instant, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.