Make the front desk an agent for customer service and a driver of new revenue. Daxko Spectrum Front Desk Check-In not only accelerates member traffic, but also alerts staff to membership renewals, account balances and targeted, timely messages from spa or training staff. Really, it’s everything you need to engage, inform, influence and totally impress your customers.


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Give your front-desk employees the right tools for checking in members with speed, efficiency and the latest in security controls. Daxko Spectrum Front Desk Check-In monitors your business and leaves a great first impression. It puts your entire club in motion, getting your members, guests and prospects from check-in to workout with ease.


  • Enhance customer relationships with detailed, relevant data.
  • Move member traffic through your facility with speed and precision.
  • Alert members to status changes through one, integrated source.
  • Engage customers with timely information that boosts both revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Control access to your club with proven, advanced security features.

With intuitive functions built for performance, Front Desk Check-In tracks attendance, validates membership status and controls club access. Programmable alerts make your staff aware of key member information at check-in. From account balances to membership renewals, you are well equipped to automate – and execute – critical aspects of your business plan and club policies. And your staff will be more proactive, capturing new revenue opportunities and delivering exceptional service.

Front Desk Check-In is designed to magnify data points and turn them into success. Are certain parts of your club busier than others? Utilize Activity Check-In and identify discrepancies in activity and usage. Gather and share intelligence that fills up your facility and enhances the total club experience. It all starts at check-in.

Enjoy full integration with Daxko Spectrum’s robust suite of programs, building downstream connections to your entire club. Your personal trainers can forward messages regarding appointments to clients. Spa reservations can be confirmed on the spot. Allow your staff system access to member lockers, member balances, member management, guest registration and point of sale. Handle everything up front because Spectrum powers up your premium services at first contact – the minute your members walk through the doors.

Front Desk Check-In generates a unified view of check-in data for managers, leveraging insight and information about members and activity. Easy view tabs quickly reference club attendance and check-in exceptions. You can monitor facility usage and track participation. Identify members that require a follow-up, or special attention. Customize Daxko Spectrum to fit your needs while creating a user-friendly environment for both staff and members.

And drive traffic through designated access points with faster, more secure flow – starting with the front desk. Verify contact and membership information. Make comments and notes available to your staff. Control turnstiles, doors and gates. Front Desk Check-In is also compatible with state-of-the-art entry systems: key tags, card readers, and fingerprint or handprint biometrics. Daxko Spectrum really does put advanced controls – and tight security – at your fingertips.

It’s your launch pad to new capabilities.



Front Desk Check-In is really an end-to-end solution for fast, convenient check-ins. It also connects club to member, displaying a comprehensive view of each member’s account information. You can set up audible alerts for reminders, administrative items, current or past due balances, and notification triggers, including invalid check-ins for both member status and membership types. And use the family check-in screen for quickly getting multiple members of the same family through the doors and off to their club destination.

  • Position your front-line staff as a single point of contact for members.
  • Target membership renewals and new revenue opportunities.
  • Enable a variety of audible alerts, each with a unique sound.

Arm your managers with strategic data for making better business decisions. With a custom snapshot of sharp, reliable information, your managers can dig deeper into member accounts and profiles, crafting smart responses to issues impacting your club. And Front Desk Check-In moves as fast as you do. 15 canned reports help you spot trends, optimize performance and track member behavior – at your speed. It’s instant access that gives your managers an edge.

  • Position your front-line staff as a single point of contact for members.
  • Target membership renewals and new revenue opportunities.
  • Enable a variety of audible alerts, each with a unique sound.

Keep your club secure and maintain the integrity of your memberships with Daxko Spectrum’s powerful system for managing traffic flow. Picture imaging and selectable tabs give your front-line staff a fast, effective method for checking in members.

And Front Desk Check-In is permission driven, leaving you in control of who sees what. It works with the most advanced entry systems available. It activates gates, turnstiles and magnetically controlled doors in milliseconds. Take hands-free control of your club access points and accelerate traffic, while keeping your assets protected.

  • Enforce facility access and usage rules based on membership status.
  • Make notes and comments, initiated by management and back office staff, visible to your front desk.
  • Integrate with Access Control System and grant access based on membership type.