Hire an automated event planner and become a premier destination for big events. Daxko Spectrum Event Management can turn your most sophisticated events into simple exercises, allowing staff, members or guests to schedule an entire event using one tool. Book, rent and manage facility resources more efficiently, with bigger returns. Everything is fully integrated and easily customizable. Payment is automatic too. It’s a better way to plan your next event.


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Make the most of your club events with a powerful scheduling tool for expert planning and implementation. Daxko Spectrum Event Management is an integrated solution for booking and managing any event that your club may host. Book, rent and manage your valuable resources with speed and efficiency, knowing both you and your customer are getting a great return on investment.


  • Build creative events and packages using customizable features.
  • Book events with ease and efficiency leveraging vital data from start to finish.
  • Enjoy flexible payment options that drive both revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Target more events utilizing fast, proven resource management tools.
  • Integrate with Daxko Spectrum and make your entire club part of the event.

Capture more revenue. Offer custom packages that exceed expectations. Optimize your staff, facilities and capabilities to deliver a better event, a better customer experience. With Event Management, you are hiring an automated event planner – networked throughout your entire club – that truly knows your business.

As part of our Facility Management suite, Event Management integrates with Spectrum Scheduler, Spa, Camp, Program Registration and League & Tournament Management modules to streamline resources and empower the right departments. Now, verify availability and eliminate double booking with smart features designed to save time and money.

Turn sophisticated events into simple exercises. Event Management is equipped to handle the finer points of any scheduled event. From first contact to final bill, you can navigate meetings, banquets, and even pool parties with professional precision – inside or outside your facility.

From planning to execution, we make your details count.



Event Management makes it easy to initiate all your events and functions through a uniform workflow. Enjoy flexible options that align with your club policies and initiatives. During setup, customize Event Management to handle a broad range of events. And your staff will schedule, arrange and manage all events using the same process.

Design a variety of room layouts. Display exactly how a room should look for meetings, birthdays and conventions. Dig deeper by subdividing rooms into multiple sub-resource configurations – without double booking. And, based on customer demand, reserve a wide breadth of resources for any event. Event Management is built to meet your customer’s most creative needs.

Set up Event Management to process different fees for different events. Charge a flat fee for any event.

Charge by the room. Create a standard fee, or charge a premium based on the time of day. Set a different price structure for non-members. And differentiate member pricing by membership type. You can also define a cancellation fee while arranging an event. Set up everything around your rules and resources and Event Management will handle the rest.

Add more detail and maximize your events. Staffing, chairs, food & beverage are all extra fees you can target and charge both individually, or as a package. Include decorations or an open bar to refine your packages. Hire a caterer. Satisfy special requests. And offer technical assistance with audio-visual equipment, or softer touches like balloons, because Event Management can accommodate the most robust package, the most unusual request.


Allow members, guests or prospects to book an event. Regardless of who makes a reservation, Event Management can process everything necessary to create a memorable experience. Booking events has never been easier.

Event Management offers three Graph Views: Month, Week and Day. Available resources are summarized in both the Month and Week graph views. Book new appointments through the Day graph. You can also use the Day graph to view booked appointments currently on your event schedule.

After choosing a function type and date, Event Management will provide critical details about your reservation. Specify an event name, times, resources and estimated attendance. Select an event configuration and identify applicable event fees. Add a contact for the reservation. And include a credit card guarantee along with any specific instructions for the event. Shape a reservation with valuable information for your staff to follow, using Event Management to run your best event yet.

And when booking a repeat event, create a Continuous Booking that reserves resources for multiple days all on one reservation. Event Management will duplicate information and payment data for each scheduled day of a continuous event. Both consistent and accurate, Event Management is ready to handle your biggest events.


Event Management offers flexible payment options. Whether collecting payments, deposits, or setting up installments, Event Management gives your customer choices. Go through POS, take installments, invoice and bill, or charge to a member’s account. Accept multiple deposits leading up to an event, or draft the same amount as an installment. You can take a full installment or multiple installments, and complete the transaction by drafting a credit card on file with the reservation.

Take advantage of Event Management Billing and automatically process installments and event fees. With a credit card on file, you can quickly charge for an event based on the chosen payment option. You can also print an invoice or statement for the customer’s records. And after billing is generated, you can choose to draft only installment amounts for reservations with a credit card guarantee. It’s all part of Event Management – a better way to plan your next event.