We live in a world of leagues, classes, and more and more specialized training. We stockpile equipment. Daxko Spectrum Equipment Check-out streamlines inventory while boosting resource management. Rent, reserve or check out both indoor and outdoor equipment and then connect everything back to your membership database and financial software. Make all the right connections and enjoy full integration.


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Gain better control over your equipment inventory with Daxko Spectrum Equipment Check-Out. Designed for clubs with multiple departments handling a variety of equipment types, Daxko Spectrum makes it easy to track large volumes of inventory located in different areas of your club.


  • Assign your inventory location by location and become more accountable.
  • Designate both bulk and inventory items for better resource management.
  • Charge applicable late and replacement fees and control expenses.
  • Track inventory through an automated process saving time and money.
  • Enjoy full integration with Spectrum and connect your assets.

Rent, reserve, or simply check out anything from basketballs to weight belts. You can even charge late or replacement fees through simple, intuitive features built for your business. Equipment Check-Out is fully integrated, connecting to your membership database, financial systems and other Daxko Spectrum modules for downstream organization and seamless workflow.

Both customizable and powerful, Equipment Check-Out cuts deep into your replacement expenses and helps balance your budget. It also keeps your members satisfied knowing the right equipment is ready, when they’re ready to play. Your trainers and instructors will appreciate having the right tools available to train clients – and leverage their expertise.

Separate inventories by location. Group your equipment into packages. Charge both reservation and rental deposits. Reserve equipment in advance. Even track bulk items like towels and tennis balls. And, rest easy knowing where your equipment is at all times.

Whether your equipment is indoors or outdoors, you can divide equipment reservations and invoices by location. Splitting the two resources empowers your employees to view and account for only the equipment they support.

So eliminate manual tracking. Discover a reliable revenue stream. Explore new ways to better serve your members because Equipment Check-Out is a state-of-the-art solution to an age-old problem.

Keep all of your equipment under one roof.



Begin by configuring General Setup for your location. Then create different equipment Categories, Inventory Types and Bulk types. Drill down and input individual items for your chosen inventory types. Finish by setting up shortcut keys for your designated workstation.

Define parameters for each location within your facility through General Setup. And fine tune with things like End of Business Day, Deposit Item Codes, and whether a signature is required for a transaction. Equipment Check-Out streamlines your workflow, automates your inventory, and takes the pressure off your staff.

  • Equipment Category Setup divides your equipment into categories for easier search and accurate reporting.
  • Bulk Type Setup defines equipment you don’t track as individual items.
  • Inventory Type Setup covers bigger ticket items that should be tracked on an individual basis.
  • Equipment Package Setup groups Bulk Types with Inventory Types into packages that can be rolled into a package price.
  • Equipment Shortcut Keys Setup assigns equipment a series of shortcut keys through the Equipment Check-Out screen.

Start by scanning a member’s card. Verify identity and eligibility, then select equipment type and choose desired items from available inventory. Click Check Out and complete the process. If necessary, collect a deposit or fee based on your billing rules. Make it all happen in seconds, and keep your club moving.

Equipment Check-Out distinguishes between a member checking out equipment and reserving equipment. You reserve or check out equipment from the same screen. Enter reservation dates for the chosen equipment, hit Reserve and your member is off and running. And Daxko Spectrum’s user-friendly, robust interface delivers what you need, fast and easy.

It’s really a hassle-free way of taking care of your members, while taking care of your bottom line.


Bring your equipment back home with speed and efficiency. Equipment Check-Out is smart and flexible, restoring your inventory in a few quick steps. Pull a complete list of all outstanding invoices for a chosen location. Or, swipe a member’s card and access their individual invoices. Ensure everything is in order – in shape – and click Check In. You are done.

If equipment is late, damaged or stolen, take action based on your club policies from the same screen. Spectrum watches your equipment, so you don’t have to.


Both discrete and functional, fingerprint readers help automate member management by removing bottlenecks at check-in and fraudulent activity throughout your facility.