Arm your trainers and instructors with the latest web technology and elevate your business. Using Daxko Daxko Spectrum Employee Online Services your staff can make quick changes to appointments, schedules and client lists from any computer or mobile device. Even accept payments on the fly. Get the online tool that both inspires loyalty and streamlines operations.


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Personal trainers and club instructors can now use the latest web technology to control appointments, schedules and client lists. Employee Online Services (OLS) offers convenience and stability on a proven, secure platform – a luxury for those working in an ever-changing environment. Empower your staff with today’s technology and watch your business grow.


  • Book appointments at the speed of your business.
  • Automate provider schedules and update in an instant.
  • Accept flexible payment methods and drive more revenue.
  • Save time and money leveraging critical employee resources.
  • Integrate with Spectrum and maximize staff performance.

With Employee Online Services, personal trainers and instructors can add and modify appointments, update schedules, and manage client lists from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The freedom of the web provides easy access to your club’s resources while updating your schedule in real time. Access appointments, clients, and reports from anywhere, at any time. And take advantage of Daxko’s branding services during a smooth transition from your website to Online Services.

Dates change, times change, clients change. Go online with your schedule and leverage a user-friendly interface and accurate reporting, making life easier for your entire club. Inspire loyalty from your staff and satisfaction from your members. Employee Online Services turns an age-old challenge into a state-of-the art solution.

Get immediate returns on your online investment.



Your staff can Identify and distinguish top clients by adding them to the Preferred Client List in Employee Online Services. Book preferred clients for appointments, or sign them up for classes with speed and precision. Even designate your preferred client’s favorite class or service. Employee Online Services takes great care of your best clients.


Healthy lifestyles are an exercise in time management. Personal trainers and instructors must quickly adapt to their client’s changing needs and schedules. Online Appointments keeps up with clients, satisfying last-minute changes and future planning with simple, pinpoint controls. Edit, book or modify changes from anywhere, at any time. Log in from home, on the road, or at client’s site. Give your staff the right tools to keep pace with their busy customers.


For your training staff, dates and times can be moving targets and managing resources can become a challenge for club management. Provider Availability eliminates scheduling conflicts while supplying vital information that makes your club go. Get everyone on the same page with an open source for tracking schedules and availability. Staff members can publish their calendar online for better collaboration and faster communication, maximizing your club’s time and resources. Know who is available. Know when they are available – down to the minute. Employee Online Services holds the keys to effective staffing and client satisfaction.


Employee Online Services fuels your training staff with new tools for billing services on the fly. Enable trainers and instructors to accept payments through a flexible range of methods. Now take credit card payments online for Scheduler reservations and bypass the front desk. Apply fees to member accounts and bill at a later date. And Employee Online Services extends the reach of series sales packages by allowing your training staff to position and sell those valuable services directly to the customer. Nobody in your club is closer to the action, and utilizing a trusted source to market series sales packages creates a fresh revenue stream.

Gift cards are a great way to attract new customers and build brand awareness. Employee Online Services redeems gift cards online for services provided by your training staff, leveraging the power and convenience of a preferred method of payment. Your personal trainers and wellness specialists make first contact with many prospects pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Open new doors because Employee Online Services helps make gift cards the perfect club introduction.


Your commission-based employees depend on fast, accurate reporting to account for time and services. Employee Online Services Reports delivers smart tools for managing variable compensation and billable hours. Give your training staff an updated view of commissions earned and services rendered. Quickly track compensation. Log and update training sessions. Run a report for any date range and target any selection – down to a particular Commission Type. Take the guesswork out of payday, and get paid back with a dependable, loyal staff.

Trainers and instructors need a tracking device as flexible as their schedules. The Activity Report validates classes and training sessions, producing a snapshot of all activity logged and accounted for. Have staff members that train or teach in different areas of the club? They can quickly search across departments and ensure nothing is missing – confirm all that hard work.