Daxko Spectrum Employee Check-In trades time clocks for time management, and manual tasks for automation. Managers can track employee time and attendance with real speed and precision. Simple activation allows your employees to enter and exit your facility in an instant, without a hitch. Simple administration moves employee data straight to your decision makers, without a delay. This keeps everybody moving.


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Imagine a simpler way to track employee time and attendance. Trade your old time clock for Daxko Spectrum Employee Check-in, a state-of-the art solution designed to replace mechanical punch clocks, time cards and attendance books. Gain better insight into critical employee data, the kind that makes your club tick.


  • Track employee time and attendance through a simple, automated workflow.
  • Manage resources more efficiently and boost your club’s performance.
  • Streamline payroll reporting with a fully integrated solution.
  • Save time and money by eliminating time clocks, timecards and manual tasks.

Now, your staff – using an employee ID number or employee card – can check in after walking through the door. And your managers can view, edit and make additions to check-in information from their own computer. Calculate pay rates, too. Even cross-department employees assigned variable pay rates are properly accounted for – to the penny. Optimize your time management and keep perfect records with Employee Check-in.

Daxko Spectrum specializes in maximizing club production through smart automation. Employee Check-In eliminates a physical time clock and replaces it with a simple function for getting your employees back to work. No more lines, waiting, questions, or equipment breakdowns. Designate one workstation for employees to check in and leave the process and administration to Daxko Spectrum.

Now is the time to reward perfect attendance.



Your staff will appreciate the convenience and accuracy of Employee Check-in. Create one workstation as a centralized location for checking in and out. From user-friendly, to pain-free, to getting more out of your employees, it’s a virtual solution targeted for each department. Not a bottleneck shared by the entire club.

Instructors and trainers can move from class to class, payday to payday with speed and confidence, knowing the system is on their side. Different classes, different dollars, it’s all calculated and reflected correctly, taking the mystery out of the next paycheck.

And what about your multi-talented employees working in different departments? Set up the system to link each eligible department back to the employee. Set the pay rate for each department and let your cross-functional employees clock to the correct department – and pay rate.

Together, your employees are paid to make your club go. Give them the tools to do their jobs, while trusting in your compensation plan. And that starts at check-in.

  • Eliminate headaches caused by having one clock in one location.
  • Take the guesswork and rework out of calculating both pay rates and hours worked.
  • Create one transaction for an entire day of instructor or trainer-led classes.

With Employee Check-in, club managers can throw out timecards and ad hoc math. Daxko Spectrum replaces tedious, time-consuming work with instant verification of check-in or checkout information direct from a trusted source.

From their computer, your managers can track location and work status of any employee, make edits to check-in history, and run valuable reports measured in both real or rounded time. Hide pay rates with privacy features. Create an export file for your club’s payroll system. Employee Check-in is a robust tool for saving time and monitoring employee production.

  • Gain instant access to critical employee data without manual, repetitive tasks.
  • Track both individuals and groups along specific dates and timelines.
  • Pull reports containing employee payroll and hours for more accurate compensation.

* Employee payroll and hours are readily available through the convenience of the Employee Check-In reports.

* Please consult a Daxko Spectrum specialist on rates for customizing export files.


Both discrete and functional, fingerprint readers help automate member management by removing bottlenecks at check-in and fraudulent activity throughout your facility.