We make it easy to manage your entire contract lifecycle. From active contracts to expired ones, from new revenue to compliance issues, Daxko Spectrum’s Contract Management is your staff’s secret weapon for getting the most from your agreements. Standardize, customize and automate your contracts for enhanced administration and bigger returns.


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Make contractual agreements the foundation of your business plan by acquiring more members, capturing new revenue and managing compliance issues. Daxko Spectrum’s Contract Management arms your sales staff with powerful features for turning prospects into members. Welcome new members with supreme efficiency. Renew contracts in a seamless workflow. Reinstate or rejoin valuable memberships based on your chosen terms and conditions. And capitalize on both up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.


  • Align your club’s policies and procedures with a customizable, dynamic interface.
  • Improve customer relationships through a fast, secure contract process.
  • Create contracts that exceed your quality and legal requirements.
  • Manage your entire contract environment, including all aspects of customer retention.
  • Connect to one platform and enjoy full integration with Daxko Spectrum.

Contract Management helps your club gain better visibility into active contracts, and gain more control over expired ones. Your sales staff will create faster, more effective agreements. Your managers will evaluate and approve contracts built on trusted, secure data. And your customers will appreciate the professional, pain-free approach to joining your club. Contract Management is a true end-to-end solution for producing polished agreements that don’t leave money on the table.

Now, it’s easy to manage your contract lifecycle. Contract Management positions your club for performance with new capabilities, fresh perspectives, and proven tools to maximize the return on your agreements.

Automate and standardize contract procedures with advanced, customizable features designed for today’s club, today’s customer. Take advantage of meaningful analytics generated by accurate reporting and real business intelligence. Mitigate risk and increase turnaround times through electronic signature. With Contract Management, we’ve taken the uncertainty out of contractual agreements and made them the bedrock of your business.

Sign your success on the dotted line.



Contract Management offers a flexible setup allowing you to customize contracts that meet all your legal requirements. Legal wording, agreements or disclaimers can be added and reviewed before the contract module is presented to your sales staff. And add your company logo for a professional touch and better branding.

Multiple default settings help your staff fly through the contract process. Allow open-ended contracts, prorate dues, add additional prepaid dues, and require all contracts to prepay first or last month’s dues. Even designate members and sub-members for charging privileges. And supplement with specific data fields: member address, date of birth, phone number and e-mail address. Because Contract Management matches your rules, meets your needs. It’s easy, intuitive, and built for speed.

Cover all your bases with a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ). Include a PARQ as part of the contract process and get to know your new members while protecting your investment. Gather vital medical information from members before they hit the club floor. Consider it due diligence and customer service in one smart setup.

Get deeper insight into your members using customizable member codes. From food allergies to lead source, set up codes by category and pull richer data for business intelligence. And incorporate user-defined interests like company name or athletic preferences – anything required, or desired, for marketing and analysis.

Contract Management automates managerial control of contracts with a simple setup for review and approval. Finish a contract and forward immediately to the appropriate manager. Fast, efficient and designed for your club policies, build your membership with total control and zero bottlenecks.

  • Set up Contract Management to accept both required fields and special criteria.
  • Utilize PARQ security settings for medical discretion and sensitive information.
  • Designate price changes, voiding contracts and credit changes for managers only.

Keep credit fluid and simple with Daxko’s Spectrum. Update credit cards in your system on the fly with Card Account Updater. Don’t inconvenience your members, and don’t upset your billing cycle. When a credit card expires, this powerful function updates the billing system – and the member’s record – with new card information, including expiration date. With Card Account Updater, billing keeps rolling and your books stay straight.


Ensure your numbers are correct before starting a billing cycle. Daxko Spectrum gives you a complete billing snapshot in a simple, two-step process. Use Pre-Billing to verify everything is set up properly to run a clean billing cycle. Run it at any point in your billing cycle.

Billing Preview displays a comprehensive view of key billing data: charges, credits, dues, late fees, draft statements and balance forwards. It’s an actual billing report, prepared and presented – for review – before you accept billing.

Together, you maintain both billing integrity and administrative control. You can also view and print reports for specific sites and get a deeper look at different categories and details. No more backtracking. No more manual corrections. Billing Preview is great preventive maintenance.


Use the contract wizard to walk through each step of the contract process. Membership pricing and promotions are defined by membership type and integrated through Daxko Spectrum’s Promotions Manager module. View promotional membership types first. Then, pricing and corresponding memberships will appear for easy access and discovery. Drill down with the “Full Price” button for more detailed information pertaining to your chosen membership type.

Contract Management is fluid, moving page to page in a logical sequence. And it’s made for a your busy sales team. Locate accounts. Add sub-members. Take pictures.

Enter financial and billing information. Edit and backtrack with ease and precision. Everything you need to sign up a new member is at your fingertips – driven by a user-friendly interface.

And close each contract through the summary screen, giving your sales staff the perfect opportunity to review pricing and tie up loose ends before processing payment. Initiation fees and monthly dues are automatically calculated based on membership type and contract length. You can process payment directly in POS, print the entire contract, and then store with electronic signature capture. Contract Management helps standardize the contract process, without standardizing your club’s services and procedures.

  • Recognize and automate special pricing for companies and preferred organizations.
  • Add personal training sessions and other premium services while signing up members.
  • Use electronic signature capture to secure membership documents and instantly access contracts.

Retain customers and keep those valuable revenue streams by using Contract Management to renew, reinstate or rejoin a member. Each contract revision maintains a distinct set of rules for accurate accounting and flexible workflow.

Renew members before their contract expires. Configure Contract Management to fit your renewal policy and better manage your contract lifecycle. Determine – to the day – when members can renew based on expiration dates. Allow members to upgrade or downgrade any agreement. Waive or discount initiation fees for renewing members. Even allow employees to receive commission from renewals. The options are endless for you to maximize resources and better serve your customers.

Now, reinstate or rejoin members with hassle-free functions meant for keeping your club full. Have valued customers missed their opportunity for renewal? Contract Management treats reinstatements similar to renewals, with reinstatements falling in a different category for organization and clarity.

“Rejoin” a member only after renewal or reinstatement is no longer an option. Rejoins can occur at any time within, or after term. Quickly access the existing member information, create a new contract, and get your rejoins back to working out. Membership selection and pricing calculations are processed like a new contract, keeping your system current and your bottom line in shape.


Making changes is easy with Contract Management. From credit cards to contact information, utilize Contract Addenda for key changes and never skip a beat. No delays. No mistakes. No tearing up contracts. Just make any necessary edits, get an electronic signature and maintain the integrity of any member’s existing contract. Add and delete dues. Add or remove sub-members. And change membership, account or billing information in the background while your memberships keep moving.


If a member needs to break a contract, Contract Management is equipped with three methods to eliminate errors and make things easier for both parties. Variable percentage defines a penalty based on term length of a contract. Flat percentage rate charges the same percentage regardless of how much time is left on a contract. And, you can apply a flat fee. Pull an existing contract, select a buyout option and process payment. It’s a pain-free approach to breaking contracts.


Voiding contracts is always a last resort, but Contract Management offers a simple solution for terminating agreements after the contract is signed and in the system. Access a completed contract, select the Void option and step through the prompts. You have the option to refund all fees associated with any contract. All transactions are fully documented and reported.