Camps are turning into big business. Daxko Spectrum’s Camp Management helps turn camps into vital sources of both revenue and customer service. Enroll, bill and schedule all of your initiatives from a single source designed to get the most from your camp season. We help drive your camp business. You add the fun and adventure.

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Daxko Spectrum’s Camp Management is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for managing all of your camp initiatives. Powerful functions make it easy to enroll, discount, bill and schedule. Camp Management fully integrates into related SpectrumNG modules, making it a single source for running high-performance camps.


    • Develop your master schedule with a top-down approach, starting with the Fiscal Camp, or entire camp season, as a framework.
    • Design different camps and different sessions, and account for everything based on your custom criteria.
    • Set up electives for campers to choose from, and charge according to your specific billing rules.
    • Enroll multiple children into multiple camp programs and bill with accuracy.
    • Enjoy full integration with Membership and Financial databases, as well as other Facility Management modules.
    • Specify pricing for members, nonmembers, and special membership types.

    Camp season is always a unique blend of revenue generation and customer service, bringing unique challenges to both your staff and members. With a quick setup, Camp Management knows your campers by name, time, location, activity and billing – an organized method for maximum efficiency.

    Reserve and allocate resources for your entire camp calendar. Schedule activities and retrofit electives down to the minute. Exercise flexible options for any billing scenario. Enroll multiple campers from the same family without a hassle. And rest easy, knowing Camp Management tracks your campers all day – even on their lunch break.

    Design your camps any way you want, because Daxko Spectrum was built to handle your busiest camp schedule.

    Start looking forward to camp season.



    View and program Camp Management from different angles. Start with the Fiscal Camp and work down through Camp Sessions, then individual Camps, and down to the last minute of your camp season. It’s simple and intuitive.

    Schedule each individual camp based on facilities, instructors and hours, including both activities and electives. And if one camp session is shortened by a holiday, bill a pro-rated amount.

    Camp Management is powerful, flexible and adaptable, capturing and organizing all your data points so you can get back to running a successful camp.

      • Calculate volume and sibling discounts automatically.
      • Identify and schedule electives based on each camper’s registration.
      • Choose whether an additional fee will be charged for electives.
      • Track and manage – at all times – both campers and facilities.

      Recent enhancements to Camp Management deliver even richer setup options for getting more from your camps.

      Use Enrollment Groups to better define certain enrollment parameters. Group days of the week, select half or full day options, and specify a member or nonmember fee. Each option can have a distinct fee structure. Divide enrollees using the Counselor Group feature, keeping campers under one counselor for optimum organization. Set up promotions, or discounts, for early sign-up or whatever incentive you choose. Promotional rates can be a flat rate or a fee percentage. Waivers are now available, and can be displayed online during the camp enrollment process. Capture vital health information through Medical Information, ideal for making note of allergies, asthma or heart conditions. And take advantage of the Activities feature when scheduling daily activities for a camp’s duration.

      Other setup enhancements were designed to run an even more professional camp:

      • Segment younger campers using age and grade requirements.
      • Prorate charges for campers missing sessions or joining mid-season.
      • Set up additional services for before care, lunch, after care and transportation.
      • Include both season and registration start and end dates.

      The Camp Enrollment Wizard makes enrolling campers fast and easy. Find your camp, find your family, and begin adding camps, electives and billing selections to each participating family member. Fine-tune each camper’s profile with medical and transportation information, including sibling discounts and add-on fees. You also have multiple options for collecting fees.

      The Camp Enrollment Wizard is designed for a smooth and easy walk through the enrollment process. And newly redesigned for even sharper functionality.

      • Activate the Camp Enrollment Wizard and rapidly fill up your camps with accurate, pertinent data.
      • Pay for the entire camp up front from the Spectrum Point of Sale screen.
      • Charge to a member’s account, if Charge to Account privileges are in place.
      • Take a deposit or down payment and bill installments through the Camp Billing process.

      Our new discount options offer a variety of ways to reward your members and encourage more campers to enroll. Discount per member, and configure as a flat rate or percentage discount. Give a volume discount for any camp session after total enrollment fees exceed a targeted amount. And if a member is eligible for multiple discounts, choose to offer a stack discount, or either the highest or lowest savings for available discounts.

      Now utilize cancellations and transfers for campers unable to attend scheduled sessions. Full Cancellation is a full refund, including deposits and discounts. A Partial Cancellation removes a camper from enrollment if multiple sub-members remain enrolled. Also consider a Partial Cancellation when an enrollee chooses to opt out of one camp session, but stays enrolled in other scheduled sessions.

      For a paid transfer, all fees are refunded and the enrollee is free to select a new camp. In this case, Camp Management calculates the difference between the full refund and the charge for the new session. If a camper has yet to pay, the enrollment wizard recalculates new session charges to account for the transfer.

      And end users can now add multiple camps by simply defaulting to the setup of existing camps. This speeds the process of creating new camps and eliminates duplication. New camps can always be edited and modified after being created using the Add Multiple camp session feature.


      Track all your camp resources through Daxko Spectrum. From scheduled staff to athletic fields, account for everything you build into the camp experience. And Camp Management targets your participants, too. If parents need to pick up their children early, or anyone gets separated from the group, the schedule of Activities and Electives chosen during registration provide a path to each participant. A nice security feature for both parents and instructors.

      Camps should be a source of both revenue and enjoyment, so utilize Camp Management’s robust capabilities and quickly locate all your resources.

      • Reserve the resource or provider’s time when you schedule activities and electives.
      • Communicate with other scheduling modules and avoid duplicated bookings for rooms and staff.
      • Pull a Provider’s Activity List report and confirm work schedules throughout camp season.
      • Create a reliable framework for locating campers at all times.

      Camp Management is now part of Daxko Spectrum’s powerful suite of Online Services. Parents can enroll their children from anywhere, at any time, using the power of the web to register and choose electives. After completing the enrollment process, camp rosters will automatically be filled and updated. Drive your camp business with today’s technology. Online Services for Camp Management is here.


      Camp Management contains a host of new reports to choose from, all making your camps not only easier to operate, but also more productive and streamlined. It’s better reporting for better resource management. Reports like Attendance, Roster, Transportation, Communication, Additional Services, Authorized Pick-up, and Sign-in and Sign-out help move the day-to-day operations of your camps with smooth efficiency. Camp counselors and authorized staff can track campers and satisfy parents through real-time reports, keeping campers secure and activities on schedule.

      Your internal staff will enjoy other detailed reports that impact the bottom line. Cancellation, Unpaid, Waitlist and Electives & Fees are examples of new reports for managing revenue and automating accounting. And our UDF/Code report references individual health conditions and other valuable information pertaining to your campers.