Daxko Spectrum Billing and Accounts Receivable offers flexible billing in a secure, high-performance environment. Take multiple payment methods, and resolve billing problems before they happen.


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Daxko Spectrum Billing and Accounts Receivable optimizes your billing with powerful tools for accepting multiple methods of payment, resolving billing problems before they happen, and instantly updating your books with precise numbers. Flexible billing, in a secure, innovative environment, maximizes your resources and showcases your customer service. And Daxko Spectrum makes it happen.


    • Automate the entire billing process across a fast, secure platform.
    • Offer flexible methods of payment and build better customer relationships.
    • Identify and resolve billing problems before starting a billing cycle.
    • Eliminate third party processing fees.
    • Utilize Deferred Revenue Management for accurate revenue recognition.

Enjoy full integration into all other Daxko Spectrum accounting programs. Automate your billing through EFT and credit card drafts. Offer online payments for reach and convenience. Increase dues with a hassle-free function. Preview billing and eliminate errors. Update credit card information – in the background – in an instant.


Daxko Spectrum comes fully equipped with no transaction fees, no billing fees, no decline fees and no collection fees. We’ve taken out the middleman. Advanced features process your drafts directly to the bank and merchant provider of your choice. We’re serious about saving you time and money.

Daxko Spectrum features endless ways to stop manual billing.

Daxko Spectrum provides endless opportunities to make billing an asset.



Daxko Spectrum Billing offers a true enterprise solution, allowing corporate offices to access all billing data from one screen. Enjoy the convenience of having all your clubs – all your numbers – aggregated in one view. See the big picture before each site’s billing is even initiated. Quickly analyze trends, dissect issues, and get in front of billing issues. It’s fast, easy, and all on one screen.


With Billing Groups, you can run billing multiple times throughout the month. Daxko Spectrum gives you the flexibility to bill or draft at your discretion, creating options for both your members and staff. Customize Billing Groups and set up ideal billing dates for each of your facilities. Target individual sites with specific billing groups. Or, send all billing groups to all sites. Daxko Spectrum Billing automates and integrates the entire process, and adapts to both your billing rules and billing cycle.


Discover a hassle-free way to increase dues and make changes stick. Daxko Spectrum Dues Increase Utility eliminates billing errors and accounts for differentials automatically. Schedule increases for different membership types. Drill down and make adjustments within a specific membership type. Exclude members that are not up for renewal. Even exclude members that are inside a year of their Join Date. No guesswork. No mix-ups. Now manage all your dues increases with accuracy and precision.

    • Set up multiple increases and save them under different labels.
    • Target specific dates for your dues to increase.
    • Pull reports that confirm changes in individual member accounts.

Keep credit fluid and simple with Daxko Spectrum. Update credit cards in your system on the fly with Card Account Updater. Don’t inconvenience your members, and don’t upset your billing cycle. When a credit card expires, this powerful function updates the billing system – and the member’s record – with new card information, including expiration date. With Card Account Updater, billing keeps rolling and your books stay straight.


Ensure your numbers are correct before starting a billing cycle. Daxko Spectrum gives you a complete billing snapshot in a simple, two-step process. Use Pre-Billing to verify everything is set up properly to run a clean billing cycle. Run it at any point in your billing cycle.

Billing Preview displays a comprehensive view of key billing data: charges, credits, dues, late fees, draft statements and balance forwards. It’s an actual billing report, prepared and presented – for review – before you accept billing.

Together, you maintain both billing integrity and administrative control. You can also view and print reports for specific sites and get a deeper look at different categories and details. No more backtracking. No more manual corrections. Billing Preview is great preventive maintenance.


Streamline your billing by offering automatic drafts of bank accounts and credit cards. Now, account for member dues and charges at the same time every month. Convenient, secure and timely, Daxko Spectrum helps capture payments on your schedule. And automatic drafts have long gone mainstream – customers expect it, banks are ready for it.

Daxko Spectrum provides options for handling declined cards, too. You have the option of reprocessing declined cards, sending declined cards to the Card Account Updater, or reversing charges and applying the designated draft amount back to a member’s account balance. EFT draft declines work the same way, without the Card Account Updater option.

And when requested, send statements to members currently on credit card or EFT draft. Daxko Spectrum gives your customers the freedom to use different methods of payment.

    • Bypass your back office and send payments directly to your merchant or bank.
    • Charge a reversal fee for all declined drafts sent back to a member’s account.
    • Create a check-in message to alert members a draft has been declined.

If paper statements are still in demand, customize your statement to include strategic information – and a little branding. Add a company logo. And include text that promotes an upcoming event or special offering.

Go online and leverage the power of the web to boost your billing. Empower your members to pay at their pace. Online Account services is full of features that allow payments to be made from any web-enabled device.

  • Send a follow-up statement to members on credit card or EFT draft.
  • Forward e-mail notification to online users indicating a statement is ready.
  • Set up the system to automatically inactivate a past due member.