Health Club Management Software

A Comprehensive, Configurable, and Deeply Integrated Club Management Solution.

Daxko Spectrum Health Club Management Software is a single-source solution for helping health and fitness clubs large and small take their business to new heights of performance and capability.

Our industry-leading knowledge in fitness facility software and expertise with club membership management help drive revenue growth and operational efficiency. We use advanced technology in a security–rich environment to build better relationships and engage more customers.


“Spectrum has allowed us to save on software and maintenance costs because we reduced the number of software solutions within the club. Spectrum could do a lot of the things that we before needed specific software for.”

Dale McCarrell, CFO
East Bank Club


 Billing and A/R

Daxko Spectrum’s Billing and Accounts Receivable optimizes your billing with powerful tools for accepting multiple methods of payment, resolving billing problems before they happen, and instantly updating your books with precise numbers. Flexible billing, in a secure, innovative environment, maximizes your resources and showcases your customer service.  Learn more

 Gift Card Management

Gift cards are a proven way to boost revenue and build a brand. And don’t forget the added convenience, security and even visibility that gift cards bring your business. Daxko Spectrum’s Gift Card Management introduces the power of gift cards to your facility. Going forward, customize cards with your logo. Or promote your spa or café. Gift cards offer endless possibilities. Learn more


It’s time to take the guesswork out of inventory management. From products to purchase orders, Daxko Spectrum’s Inventory gives you total control over all of your inventory needs. This means greater visibility, faster tracking and smarter management of inventory throughout multiple departments and across multiple sites. Learn more

 Point of Sale

Gain total control over your sales transactions using Daxko Spectrum’s Point of Sale. Members and guests can make purchases and payments anywhere in your facility. And staff can process, track and inventory products and services in an instant. This means you’ll always be selling. From front desk to pro shop, get ready to promote the full club experience. Learn more

 Series Sales

Use Daxko Spectrum’s Series Sales to package diverse products and services and reach more customers. Design personalized offerings that cut across multiple departments. From spa to training, get more value from your staff and facilities. Create new revenue streams. Create loyalty that lasts. Create dynamic packages that drive your business to new heights. Learn more

 Access Control System

Secure your facility. And keep traffic moving fast. Daxko Spectrum’s Access Control System converts all doors, turnstiles and gates into secure access points, with critical activity logged and member check-ins recorded. Enforce both usage rules and individual memberships. This is speed, security and efficiency in an easy-to-manage package. Learn more

 Camp Management

Camps are turning into big business. Daxko Spectrum’s Camp Management helps turn camps into vital sources of both revenue and customer service. Enroll, bill and schedule all of your initiatives from a single source designed to get the most from your camp season. We help drive your camp business. You add the fun and adventure. Learn more

 Contract Management

We make it easy to manage you entire contract lifecycle. From active contracts to expired ones, from new revenue to compliance issues, Daxko Spectrum Contract Management is your staff’s secret weapon for getting the most from your agreements. Standardize, customize and automate your contracts for enhanced administration and bigger returns. Learn more


Daxko Spectrum’s CRM tool drives your customer lifecycle from start to finish. Find more prospects, close more sales, and build relationships that last. Gain and share valuable insight during the sales process using a 360-degree view of each customer. Boost both productivity and efficiency using automated workflow management. Built with the latest tools and technologies, CRM changes the way you see your customer. Learn more

 Employee Check-In

Daxko Spectrum’s Employee Check-In trades time clocks for time management, and manual tasks for pure automation. Now, managers can track employee time and attendance with real speed and precision. Simple activation allows your employees to enter and exit your facility in an instant, without a hitch. Simple administration moves employee data straight to your decision makers, without a delay. This keeps everybody moving. Learn more

 Equipment Check-Out

We live in a world of leagues, classes, and more and more specialized training. We stockpile equipment. Daxko Spectrum’s Equipment Check-Out streamlines inventory while boosting resource management. Rent, reserve or check out both indoor and outdoor equipment and then connect everything back to your membership database and financial software. Make all the right connections. And enjoy full integration. Learn more

 Event Management

Hire an automated event planner. And become a premier destination for big events. Daxko Spectrum’s Event Management can turn your most sophisticated events into simple exercises, allowing staff, members or guests to schedule an entire event using one tool. Book, rent and manage facility resources more efficiently, with bigger returns. Everything is fully integrated and easily customizable. Payment is automatic, too. It’s a better way to plan your next event. Learn more

 Front Desk Check-In

Make the front desk an agent for customer service and a driver of new revenue. Daxko Spectrum’s Front Desk Check-In not only accelerates member traffic, but also alerts staff to membership renewals, account balances, and targeted, timely messages from spa or training staff. Really, it’s everything you need to engage, inform, influence and totally impress your customers. Learn more

 Kid Care

Daxko Spectrum’s Kid Care enables your facility to satisfy the entire family. Members and guests now expect great in-house childcare, so give them the best. Capture all of the right data. Schedule, organize and bill, all from one source. And track children for safety and security. Everything is here to deliver the optimum experience for both child and parent. Learn more

 Locker Management

Daxko Spectrum’s Locker Management is a simple way to manage member traffic and secure member property. Now, track locker inventory, assignment and combinations using an automated system that not only streamlines locker space, but also delivers a valuable revenue stream. It’s time to start treating lockers like an asset. Learn more

 Member Management

Daxko Spectrum’s Member Management allows you to quickly access member data for fast action and full discovery. This is real customer intelligence, ready when you need it the most. Discover a better way to enhance customer satisfaction. Discover a new way to maximize revenue opportunities. Learn more

 Daxko Spectrum Mobile App

Daxko Spectrum’s mobile app gives your members the ability to connect and engage with your health club/fitness facility. Users can view their upcoming reservations and schedule, edit their billing information, check-in and view check-in history and much more. Learn more.

 Daxko Spectrum Member Connect App

The Member Connect app is designed to drive business performance inside your facility. Empower your trainers and instructors to book personal training and other classes wherever they happen to be and when it’s convenient for the member. Learn more.

Employee Online Services

Arm your trainers and instructors with the latest web technology and elevate your business. Using Daxko Spectrum’s Employee Online Services your staff can make quick changes to appointments, schedules and client lists from any computer or mobile device. Even accept payments on the fly. Get the online tool that both inspires loyalty and streamlines operations. Learn more

Online Services

Daxko Spectrum’s Online Services engages a bigger audience, leveraging the latest web technologies for serious speed and convenience. Capture more sales opportunities. Offer paperless billing. Automate scheduling and registration for programs and classes. Even better, allow prospects and members to engage your offerings from any mobile device. Go online and watch your facility grow. Learn more

 Group X

Group X programs are generating more and more traffic. And Daxko Spectrum’s Group X will help you capture it, providing a better way for members and guests to register and pay for classes. Plan, enroll and audit classes with greater confidence and a lot more success. Both online and off, make your classes more attractive and differentiate your services with the power of Group X. Learn more

 League Scheduler

Give your facility an edge with a total solution for running leagues and tournaments. Whatever the sport, whatever the season, Daxko Spectrum’s League Scheduler is your source for registering, tracking and billing both individuals and teams. Everything is paperless, and everything is automated for the latest results and the finest details. Learn more

 Program Registration

Power your programs from start to finish using an automated tool for managing your busiest schedule. Daxko Spectrum’s Program Registration aligns resources so your facility can connect with members, organize instructors, process fees and keep everything moving at a winning pace. Get ready to launch your biggest lineup of programs. Get ready to pave a smoother path to success. Learn more


Our industry is always growing and evolving. Nothing is easy. Daxko Spectrum’s Scheduler simplifies your entire scheduling process, down to those small details that really matter. Automate appointments and bookings, and speed billing and payment. No more conflicts or errors because everything on your schedule becomes more precise, more predictable, and totally optimized. Learn more


Take the temperature of your business using Daxko Spectrum’s Reports, an automated reporting tool that builds precise reports in a flexible and scalable environment. This is a true enterprise solution for authoring, viewing and customizing reports and queries for any department in your facility. From sales to membership reports, now make better business decisions and reach more of your business goals.

Club Industry’s Annual Top 100 Clubs List reveals more clubs in the top 100 use Daxko Spectrum than any other club management software.