Your members are on the go, now your membership can be too.

Daxko Reciprocity is a web-based software solution that provides a way for Ys to check in visiting members from other associations and record facility usage for  those visiting members quickly and easily.

Offered at no cost to all YMCAs regardless of the operations software you currently use.

Connect Your Communities

Competitive Advantage

Mitigated Risk

Increased Retention

The Best Part

Competitive Advantage

Offering a reciprocal program for your members and visiting members provides added value to your membership sales. Your members will have the benefit of joining your Y with the ability to use multiple associations’ facilities across communities.

Mitigated Risk

Tracking visiting members helps protect against fraudulent use of facilities by verifying membership status and screening for sex offenders.

*Raptor Sex Offender Screening offered for an additional fee

Increased Retention

Pilot programs show that members who are able to take advantage of reciprocal arrangements have higher retention rates. Benefits work for existing members and visiting members alike.

The Best Part

IT’S FREE! Daxko Reciprocity is offered at NO COST to ALL YMCAs regardless of the operations software you currently use. We believe the Y’s value proposition to members will help the Y movement grow stronger – and that benefits everyone.

Daxko has teamed up with Raptor Technologies to help you quickly screen potential and existing members, visitors, and volunteers.

Your Y is Every Y

Daxko Operations Customers

Simply add your users — typically your front desk staff — to the system. Daxko will automatically add all of your active members to the reciprocity system when you sign up. After launching Daxko Reciprocity, you will have the ability to pull real-time facility usage reports. The reports allow you to view visiting members checking into your facilities, as well as your members who are using other Y facilities.

YMCAs without Daxko Operations

YMCAs who are not currently using Daxko Operations can still use the Reciprocity solution. Your Y will need to run an export of all active members from your current operations software and upload it to a secure FTP site. We recommend refreshing the file frequently, a few times a week at least, to add all new members to the Reciprocity system. You, too, will have the ability to view real-time reports of visiting members checking into your facilities as well as your members who are using other Y facilities.


When visiting members check in at a participating branch, your front desk staff will scan their membership card using the Daxko Reciprocity software and your existing barcode scanner. The member will experience the same check-in process he does at his home Y facility.

Quick, Easy, and Free

Getting started with Daxko Reciprocity is simple. Just contact your Daxko account representative or e-mail to begin the process.