Meet the new Daxko Mobile

What’s your JCC or YMCA mobile app like?

With 72% of adults carrying smartphones with them wherever they go, providing a unique YMCA or JCC mobile app is no longer a nicety, it’s becoming a necessity. Daxko Mobile helps YMCA and JCC organizations deepen member connections by reaching members through a mobile app while they are on-the-go.


Member Experience & Easy Maintenance In One App

Members can quickly toggle between locations and search their branch's schedule by area, class name, and time of day. Also they can add a single class or series to their smart phone's calendar. Administrators can easily manage the mobile portal and assign different permissions to staff users between multiple locations or branches.


Smart Location Assistance

Based on your member’s location, they will automatically see the location in their closest proximity when toggling between branches and schedules.


Deepen member connections by providing on-the-go access to everything at your YMCA, JCC, or community center

Group Exercise Schedules

Program Schedules

Browse Daxko Operations Programs

Calendar Reminders

Facility Status Notifications

Store Multiple Bar Codes

If you are a member looking for your organization’s app:

Search the app store and download

  • Search “Daxko” in the App Store or Google Play
  • Download & open the app
  • Search for your organization’s name
  • Set notification and location preferences

Interested in learning more about Daxko Mobile? Reach out!