Are we having Reach, our annual customer conference, this year?
We’ve been hosting the annual Reach conference in the South for 14 years, but we decided it was time to amplify its impact and turn up the volume! This year, Daxko is taking the Nation by storm as we send our team of experts on the road. That’s right…our customers have been coming to us for over a decade…and now we’re bringing the knowledge and Daxko magic straight to you! We call our new series of events, The Daxko Roadshow.

What’s the Daxko Roadshow?
Team Daxko is launching a five-month, five-city tour across the United States from June until October 2018. At each tour stop, we’ll host an intensive one-day event. These events are designed for Daxko Operations users with the purpose to grow product knowledge. Our experts will lead in-depth product trainings, discussions on best practices, and updates on our latest technology developments to elevate your nonprofit operations.

Why are we doing the Daxko Roadshow?
We realize you have a full schedule of conferences clamoring for your attention (and budgets!) every year; Reach was no different. Like the others, our conference was a multi-day event that required a significant investment of your time and resources to attend. In addition, we consistently receive requests to conduct small, regional trainings for our customers, however these typically are of cost, require a host organization, and a bit of planning on your end. We were inspired by these challenges and requests to deliver an event that would encapsulate your wish lists – and even better – be delivered in a city near you. As a result, the Daxko Roadshow was born. The best part? It’s more convenient, cost-efficient, and custom, too!

Is the Daxko Roadshow cost-efficient and convenient?
First and foremost, it’s f-r-e-e! We’re bringing the convenience of training and collaborating with our team straight to five centrally located cities in the US. Our goal was to reduce travel costs associated with lengthy flights and the need for multiple hotel nights by hosting a single-day event. As opposed to one location, we were strategic with the selection of the tour cities – for many of our Daxko users, there is a location within driving distance to further the accessibility of the event.

What are the Daxko Roadshow locations and tour dates?
The Roadshow will kick off at the Daxko Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama on Friday, June 22nd. The second stop will be New York City (Times Square!) on Monday, July 23rd. We’ll then head to the Midwest for an event in Chicago on August, 23rd. From there, we’ll head to the West Coast on Thursday, September 13th for an event in San Francisco before ending the tour in Houston, Texas on Friday, October 26th.

How are the locations determined? And where will the events be?
We chose locations that were centrally located throughout the United States ranging from the East to West Coast. We also considered parts of the country with high concentrations of Daxko Operations users. All events (aside from the Birmingham kickoff) will be held at modern, Microsoft Technology Centers in their respective cities. Events are tentatively scheduled to be held from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM to accommodate days trips for those of interest.

How big are the events?
Unlike a large conference, our goal was to provide a more custom, tailored event so that we can spend more one-on-one time with you. There will be 30-60 attendees per event, with Birmingham and Houston being our largest locations.

What topics will be covered?
Our team will lead in-depth product trainings, discussions on best practices, and updates on our latest technology developments. We’ll host one large general session followed by multiple breakout sessions throughout the day. While our experts will lead the sessions, participants will have the opportunity to tell us exactly what they want to learn about and vote upon the topics covered when registering. Because of this, no event will be the same– we’ll create customized content specific to the attendees at each event. How cool is that?

Who should attend?
Daxko users from executive level to front desk users – this event is for all roles! Depending on the types of roles registered for each tour stop will determine the content covered. As the content of the events is customized, topics will range based on participant needs. Remember – this event is for Daxko users and customers only.

What should attendees bring?
Yourselves and a laptop! We’ll be doing a lot of hands-on training within our products.

What about lunch?
It’s covered – we’ll provide lunch free of charge!

How much does it cost?
In case you didn’t read so earlier…it’s free!!

Are we ever doing Reach again?
The conference has had a great run, but in an effort to meet the demand and evolving needs of our customers, it was time to introduce a new, fresh concept with more benefits for Daxko users. The Daxko Roadshow is more convenient, cost efficient, and customized than any conference. We’re still bringing the collaboration, innovation, and inspiration, but you will receive more personalized attention in a way that only our small group sessions can offer.

What else can our attendees expect?
They can count on sharpening their skills, reuniting with peers, meeting new faces, and networking with organizations like theirs. And of course, you can count on Team Daxko to roll out the red carpet!

What if our customers want more training beyond what’s offered at the Roadshow?
We have a plethora of online resources and free trainings already available at your fingertips. Please visit the Help Center to see those offerings or Daxko Training for more specific training needs.

How do participants register?
Please visit Daxko.com/roadshow to register. Registration closes two weeks prior to the event. There are no limits on the number of attendees than can attend from each association. Upon registering, you will receive more details via email as the event approaches.

I have a question not answered here.
Please email us at marketing@daxko.com