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Daxko Vault Release: Termination Reasons & Membership At Check-In

Our Vault users know we add new data frequently and the newest additions are here …

We are happy to announce that termination reasons have been released in Vault – and – Membership Type has been added to Vault check-in data. That’s right, your association’s termination reasons and additional membership information from Daxko Operations are now at your analytical finger tips.

In Vault, you will notice:

  • Termination reason text value added to the unit dimensions
  • A new termination reason dimension that can be used to access the valid termination reasons for your association – and is also potentially very handy for filtering
  • Membership Type added to check-in data, enabling you to discern a member’s Membership Type at the time of any successful check-in

Related Notes:

  • Terminations reasons date back to your launch of Daxko Operations
  • Termination reasons are not populated until the termination occurs; units with terminations scheduled in the future will not have a termination reason until that date occurs

Happy additional analysis and data visualizations, Vault users!

Update for Daxko Spectrum and Clover

The following information is for Daxko Spectrum and Daxko Payment Services customers using Clover devices:

Daxko Spectrum’s next release will include an update to the newest version of Clover. Prior to this release on August 21, we recommend installing the newest driver version to ensure the best performance possible.

Please complete the following:

  1. For all workstations using Clover with Spectrum, download and install version 1.4.2 CloverUSBDriverSetup.exe from Dropbox.  Depending on your security settings, this may require an administrator login to complete the installation.
  2. Reboot all workstations that have the new driver installed.

Questions? Please contact our Customer Success Team at

New! Daxko Accounting Training Site

You now have a Daxko Accounting Training Site

Have you ever wanted to try out a feature or function in Daxko Accounting, but held back because you worried it would affect other areas of the system? Worry no more! You now have a training site for your Daxko Accounting data.

Getting Started

To access your Training Site, navigate to this LINK and use the same username and password you use to log in to the Daxko Accounting Live Site.

What you need to know

  1. All of the permissions are the same for users as your Live Site, but you may enable permissions for users that will only affect the Training Site
  2. No action in the Training Site affects the data in your Live Site
  3. We will refresh your data to match your Live Site every quarter (remaining 2018 dates are: August 12th and November 18th)

Questions? Email