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New! Daxko Accounting Training Site

You now have a Daxko Accounting Training Site

Have you ever wanted to try out a feature or function in Daxko Accounting, but held back because you worried it would affect other areas of the system? Worry no more! You now have a training site for your Daxko Accounting data.

Getting Started

To access your Training Site, navigate to this LINK and use the same username and password you use to log in to the Daxko Accounting Live Site.

What you need to know

  1. All of the permissions are the same for users as your Live Site, but you may enable permissions for users that will only affect the Training Site
  2. No action in the Training Site affects the data in your Live Site
  3. We will refresh your data to match your Live Site every quarter (remaining 2018 dates are: August 12th and November 18th)

Questions? Email

Joining Online Just Got Easier: Daxko Operations’ Redesigned Online Experience

Joining Online is Now Simpler, Easier and Faster

Your members rely on your website to get information they need and sign up for memberships and offerings. New members that wish to join online deserve a quick and simple first experience with your association – so we’ve redesigned the look and workflow of joining online to better improve joining (or renewing) online.

Increase Online Joins 

We’ve simplified the online join process to make it quick and easy to complete. After extensive design, research and testing, we know that this new experience is sure to increase your online join completion statistics.

This new design will save time for you and your members. Your members will have less guesswork and your staff will have fewer phone calls to clarify billing options.


What’s Changing?

In researching join experiences across the software industry, we honed in on certain steps that could be improved. Several factors contributed to a person stopping half-way through joining online, such as  having to enter too many fields, navigate  a plethora of billing options,  or struggling with the process on a mobile device.

The new online join experience improves the join process in the following ways:

  • Joining online looks great on any device. With redesigned, responsive pages, your members can join from their smartphone, tablet or computer with ease. 
  • Entering  basic account information saves time.  Joiners must only enter the vital information required for a membership for faster account completion.
  • Setting up a draft is straightforward. Joiners no longer have to select draft dates and billing cycles as they are now preset for each membership type available online. 
  • Choosing a payment method is painless.  Joiners will enter their preferred billing method using a more intuitive design.

How will this benefit my association?

We know that this release requires several actions from your team, which is why we have decided to allow four full weeks of this new join experience on your Daxko Operations Training Site. In addition, we have created this checklist to help your team prepare for the new Online Join Experience release to your live site.

We are sure the benefits of providing a modern and clean join experience will provide your associations with an excellent January Join season. The changes to the online join experience were necessary to keep your association at the forefront of your competition.

To learn more, check out our User Guide. Also, we’ve included a checklist of tasks to be completed before the December 13th release to your Live Site.

Friendly Reminder – Get Ready for Program Packages!

We are still on track to release Program Packages in your live Daxko Operations site on June 14th.  To best prepare for this release, please utilize the tools in your training site.

You can also get your staff prepared with these below training materials:

We look forward to releasing Program Packages into Daxko Operations next week.