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Last Chance! Field Test Tasks Must Be Done Today!

In order to participate in Thursday’s Field Test Webinar, you will need to complete the Field Test Worksheet no later than 8pm Central today!

Register for the September 6th Field Test Webinar HERE.

Want to learn more about the Corporate Membership project? Read our two blog posts below:

Corporate Membership Setup
Corporate Membership Field Test

Also, we will be releasing resolutions for several maintenance items with tonight’s release. To see a full list of our maintenance fixes for this year, check out our Maintenance Blog Post.

Corporate Membership: Test it out on your Training Site!

This fall, we’re continuing our work on automating and simplifying your corporate membership payments in Daxko Operations. In September, you’ll be able to test out how corporate membership payments will flow in your training site. This release will give you and your team insight into how our Corporate Membership release will affect your members, your organizations, and your data when we release it to your Live Site in mid-October.

In order to see how the payments will flow, a few steps are required from you first that are time-sensitive. If you want to test this in your training site, follow this plan.

Testing Corporate Membership on your Training Site

Follow these steps to test corporate membership on your training site: Corporate Membership Field Test Worksheet. 

Note: Because we will simulate running Account Entries on your Training Site on September 4th, you should review and complete the steps on the worksheet before then. 

After we run Account Entries on your Training Site on September 4th, you can attend a webinar where we will walk you through reporting and financials.

If you still need to complete Corporate Membership Setup on your training site, check out these helpful resources to get started:

Corporate Membership Setup Blog Post

Corporate Membership Setup Webinar

Corporate Membership User Guide

Corporate Membership Setup To Do List

Corporate Membership FAQ

Updates to Organization Billing Address

To ease the setup process, we have also copied any Organization’s address information to the new billing address field (if it was blank). Users with the appropriate level of permissions will be able to edit the Organization billing address at any time.

This week, we have also resolved several small items reported by customers. For a list of all maintenance items resolved this year, please visit our Maintenance Blog Post.

Corporate Memberships Setup to Training Site

Corporate Membership Project Kicking Off in Daxko Operations!

Thanks to the wonderful research help of so many of our partners, the Corporate Memberships project is ready to begin a phased roll out this month.

What is the Corporate Membership project?

For most of our partner associations, agreements are often made between the association and local businesses to provide health and wellness benefits to the employees of local businesses. For example, if Daxko partners with the Alabama Association, Daxko employees may receive a slightly reduced membership fee and Daxko may cover half of the fee for the employee. Today, this is a very manual process in Daxko Operations. The Corporate Memberships project is going to provide tools to automate this process with full end-to-end financial tracking so that every penny is accounted for.

What are you releasing first?

We know that our partners have very busy schedules, so we are releasing a setup phase to Daxko Operations to give all of you time to make necessary changes before the automation is released to your Live Site. The Corporate Memberships Setup release is scheduled to arrive on your Training Site on Wednesday, July 25th and to your Live Site on Wednesday, August 1st.

How do we learn more?

In order to get all associations the information needed to implement this new functionality, we will host a webinar on Monday, July 30th at 12:00pm Central REGISTER HERE. This webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend. In the webinar, we will review the results of our customer research, the overall release plan, and the best way to get started on setting up Corporate Memberships.

Additionally, you may now access the User Guide for using the Corporate Memberships Setup functionality. We recommend reviewing the User Guide and trying it out on the Training Site prior to the July 30th webinar.