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Go Paperless with Electronic Agreements in Daxko Operations

Your association now has access to begin using the Electronic Signatures feature in Daxko Operations! For the past few months, we have had over thirty associations piloting the functionality of Electronic Signature capture, both online and in house, for membership joins and renewals, program registrations, child care registrations, and camp registrations. The feedback has been incredible, and we are excited to roll out this feature to all of you.

What problems will this feature solve? 

We had two main objectives for this project: offer a better online join experience and provide quick retrieval of signed documents. Many associations informed us that it was difficult to allow online registrations because the liability waiver and billing waiver couldn’t be physically signed until the online joiners visited a facility. This introduced risks for associations, should those documents not be signed. Additionally, we often hear from associations about scenarios when staff members have to search by hand through boxes or filing cabinets for a document that may have been signed years ago in order to prove that a member agreed to policies.

What do we need to do? 

While you have full access to this feature today, no changes will be mandatory until users for your association take steps to activate functionality. We recommend for all association to begin testing on their Daxko Operations Training Site before taking any actions on the Live Site.

This release will likely require changes to your welcome center process, so we recommend that your team discuss options that will best work for you and even use live role playing at your welcome center to determine the ideal member experience for your association.

To learn about this feature, we recommend two user guides: Agreements User Guide and Electronic Signatures User Guide. Also, you may watch our short Overview Video, as well as a Best Practice video.

Will we need new hardware?

Many of our Early Adopters have purchased Topaz signature pads for members to sign agreements in house. While tablets and touch screen monitors may be used, associations wanting to use signature pads will be able to order any Topaz signature pad that uses a 1×5 canvas. The Daxko Team selected Topaz signature pads because of the technology Topaz has created that allows signature pad input to transfer cleanly to web-based software like Daxko Operations. There are several price-level options, and each association may select the device they feel works best in the welcome center.

Customer Testimonial

We could not have built this feature without the help of many associations who provided feedback and guidance for us throughout the Summer. Check out the feedback below!

“We were excited to be able to start capturing electronic signatures online and in-house and deliver a consistent experience regardless of how you registered.  Capturing electronic membership signatures has been a long time goal so that we could streamline processes at our front desk and further eliminate paper.  The ability to start capturing electronic signatures to the online join process is super exciting.  We’ve launched signature pads at all of our membership branches for program registration already and hope to have this extended to our join process by January.”

 Ken Hoyt, Akron Area YMCA

Schedule Initiatives to Launch in Daxko Engage

When  launching initiatives in Daxko Engage, users needed to manually launch them at the desired date and time.

Now, Manager-level users can easily schedule initiatives to launch at a certain date and time in the future.

Scheduling Options 

As you create a new planning initiative, you’ll now see two scheduling options on Step 4 of the initiative setup.

Launch Now – This option allows you to launch an initiative right away. After selecting this option, click Review and Launch to review the details and confirm the launch of the initiative.

Schedule Launch – This option allows you to schedule the initiative to launch at a certain date and time. You can select today’s date or any date in the future, and select a time of day (within 5 minute increments). After selecting the schedule, make sure to click Review + Launch to confirm the scheduled launch date.

Note: Scheduled launch times will reflect your association’s time zone. 

Scheduled Initiatives Tab

Scheduled Initiatives now will appear in a new tab, next to Planning. This new area lists any upcoming scheduled launches, with the soonest launch at the top.

Editing or unscheduling an initiative that’s scheduled  to launch 

If you need to make changes to the content of the initiative or the scheduled launch time, click Unschedule next to the initiative name in the Scheduled tab. This will unschedule the initiative and send it back to Planning, where you can make any needed changes and/or reset the schedule.

One time initiatives 

For one-time initiatives, the initiative will launch at the specified date and time. Any further steps will happen on the timeframe that’s set in the initiative workflow.

Ongoing initiatives 

For ongoing initiatives, people are automatically added or removed from the group every morning around 5 am Central. After the scheduled launch, this will still be the case and they will begin on Step 1 of the ongoing initiative at that time that they enter the group.


Corporate Membership: Test it out on your Training Site!

This fall, we’re continuing our work on automating and simplifying your corporate membership payments in Daxko Operations. In September, you’ll be able to test out how corporate membership payments will flow in your training site. This release will give you and your team insight into how our Corporate Membership release will affect your members, your organizations, and your data when we release it to your Live Site in mid-October.

In order to see how the payments will flow, a few steps are required from you first that are time-sensitive. If you want to test this in your training site, follow this plan.

Testing Corporate Membership on your Training Site

Follow these steps to test corporate membership on your training site: Corporate Membership Field Test Worksheet. 

Note: Because we will simulate running Account Entries on your Training Site on September 4th, you should review and complete the steps on the worksheet before then. 

After we run Account Entries on your Training Site on September 4th, you can attend a webinar where we will walk you through reporting and financials.

If you still need to complete Corporate Membership Setup on your training site, check out these helpful resources to get started:

Corporate Membership Setup Blog Post

Corporate Membership Setup Webinar

Corporate Membership User Guide

Corporate Membership Setup To Do List

Corporate Membership FAQ

Updates to Organization Billing Address

To ease the setup process, we have also copied any Organization’s address information to the new billing address field (if it was blank). Users with the appropriate level of permissions will be able to edit the Organization billing address at any time.

This week, we have also resolved several small items reported by customers. For a list of all maintenance items resolved this year, please visit our Maintenance Blog Post.