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October 17th: Easily Manage Corporate Memberships in Daxko Operations

Revamped Corporate Membership Billing

We’ve released our revamped Corporate Membership Billing to your live site!

Our changes to Corporate Membership tracking and payments make working with corporate partners easier.

  • Less manual work: We’ll automatically transfer balances to organization
  • Simplified reporting: See a list of members that are tied to each organization

To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to complete some setup in Daxko Operations. Before you begin using these changes, you can also test the setup and tracking on your Training Site.

Test It Out on Your Training Site 

All of the features for Corporate Membership are available on your Training Site! We suggest making these changes before going live:

  • Enable Discount Groups for corporate billing
  • Link Discount Groups to an organization
  • Add a new unit and sign up for the discount group tied to corporate billing
  • Record an organization payment
  • New! Review unit facility usage under Membership Information> Corporate Membership
  • New! Create an invoice for an organization
  • New! Maintain / transfer balances for an organization
  • New! Review + Export Corporate Membership Collections Report

Learn More

We know this feature will have a big impact on your association’s corporate memberships, so we have compiled a set of resources for you and your team:

Get in touch 

Email with questions on how to get started, or feedback on this new feature.

Go Paperless with Electronic Agreements in Daxko Operations

Grow your membership and shrink your paperwork with the new digital agreements and signature capture in Daxko Operations!

For your members and participants, agreeing to your association’s terms is now a simple digital action. Whether signing up in the facility or on their computer or mobile device, you can capture their signature seamlessly during their transaction. Signed agreements for memberships, programs, child care and programs are available right on the member’s record in Daxko Operations.

By managing agreements in Daxko Operations, you can streamline your signup process, and rest assured knowing that everything is stored and secure.

A Better Online Experience

If you require signatures for any liability waivers or billing waivers during the sign up process, your members will now have a seamless experience when signing up online.

Signature Capture - Online
Capture a signature for online signups on computers or mobile devices.
This will eliminate requiring participants or new members to come in to the facility to sign paperwork before starting a new program.

Streamline Signups at Your Facility

For signups at your facility, you’ll also be able to capture a digital signature using a tablet or signature pad.

Additionally, your staff won’t need to search by hand through paper files to ensure that someone signed an agreement. Reporting and profile updates make it easy to check for compliance and re-print agreements on demand.

View Signed Agreement
Access and reprint a signed agreement from Membership Information.

A note about hardware:

In order to capture a signature from a new member or participant, you may need to make changes to your welcome center’s hardware configuration.

Our early adopters have used varying configurations, such as introducing tablets for sign ups or using an external signature pad.  Daxko has found that the Topaz line of signature pads with 1×5 inch screens transfer cleanly to Daxko Operations. These Topaz devices are available at different price points, and each association may select the device they feel works best in the welcome center.

Get started

There’s no additional software fee to go live with electronic signatures. This feature will be available in both your Training Site and Live Site on Thursday, September 20th. If you choose to go live with electronic signatures, you’ll need to:

  1. Format and publish agreements in Daxko Operations using our  Agreements User Guide. 
  2. Decide on your hardware configuration for the welcome center.
  3.  Enable signature capture for agreements using our Electronic Signatures User Guide. 

You also have the option to start capturing signatures for online signups while you decide on hardware for the welcome center.

Require Signature
Choose if a signature is required and where.

See it in action

We recommend testing this on your Training Site first to understand the flow of signatures. Or, check out these videos to see a demo this new feature:

Electronic Signatures: Overview

Electronic Signatures: Best Practices

Learn how others have launched electronic signatures

We’ve worked with over 30 early adopters as we rolled out Agreements and Electronic Signatures. Here’s what some had to say about launching this at their branches:

“We were excited to be able to start capturing electronic signatures online and in-house and deliver a consistent experience regardless of how you registered.  Capturing electronic membership signatures has been a long time goal so that we could streamline processes at our front desk and further eliminate paper.  The ability to start capturing electronic signatures to the online join process is super exciting.  We’ve launched signature pads at all of our membership branches for program registration already and hope to have this extended to our join process by January.”

-Ken Hoyt, Akron YMCA

Our association has a goal of being as paperless as possible by 2020. Our association had a goal to pilot our newest branch as being paperless and wireless as possible by their grand opening in late August. 

We started collecting signatures at our newest branch about a month ago. The process of signing is easy for our members. Also, we are able to quickly access signatures for a membership.

We are using Microsoft Surface Pros as a replacement for desktop computers and for members to easily sign without the need to purchase separate signature pads. These devices can be handed or swiveled over to our members to view and sign the agreements.
It has also helped our online process as the signatures are captured at the time of membership entry and our staff no longer have to require members to sign a paper copy of the agreements. This allowed us from seeking out other solutions that could have potentially impacted our association financially. We are also able to quickly see all the agreements under the unit to view and/or print.

We hope to expand the wireless and paperless process to all our branches in the future.

-Soyphet Dinse, Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

We have been collecting signatures for a couple of months now! We initially started by just having the member type their name to sign, but now we use the Topaz signature pad. The project is important because we have been trying to go totally paperless with membership since 2012, and this was the last link in the paperless project!

It is awesome and much more professional and official! We love the printer friendly view to share a copy with members.  We hope to expand signatures in other areas, but right now rejoicing in our paperless welcome center!

-Katie Parker, YMCA of Greater Nashua 




Last Chance! Field Test Tasks Must Be Done Today!

In order to participate in Thursday’s Field Test Webinar, you will need to complete the Field Test Worksheet no later than 8pm Central today!

Register for the September 6th Field Test Webinar HERE.

Want to learn more about the Corporate Membership project? Read our two blog posts below:

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Also, we will be releasing resolutions for several maintenance items with tonight’s release. To see a full list of our maintenance fixes for this year, check out our Maintenance Blog Post.