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Daxko Vault Release: More History, Program Tags, and Discount Groups On The Way!

We’ve releasing the following new tables into your Vault: 

We’ve added an additional two years of history to the Vault, making it possible to access SCD data back to April, 2015. Analyze year-over-year data and identify seasonal trends to your heart’s content!

Your organization’s qualitative tags from Daxko Operations are now in the Vault. Due to the way Program Tags are set in Operations, they need little introduction. You can now organize and analyze Program data by your association’s tags.

And last but not least, coming soon on April 30th
It’s true — the long awaited arrival of Discount Group data is here. But it’s much larger than that. We’re also including Adjustment data, enabling a full picture of Memberships and Revenue by Discount Groups and Adjustments.

Among other analytical possibilities:

  • Answer “how many” memberships and “how much” revenue are impacted by both Discount Groups and Adjustments
  • Use the Set Up data to determine – or project – expected membership and revenue by Discount Group
  • Refer to related Revenue facts to confirm what revenue credits occurred based on Discount Group and Adjustments

We’re clapping our hands in celebration to be at this point, and hope you are, too!  Please contact our Senior Product Manager for all things data, analytics, and reporting, Constance Miller at with any feedback.  As always, contact our Support Team at with any user questions or needs.

Daxko Vault is your Daxko Operations data in the cloud — ready to use to grab that number you’ve been looking for, analyze your data, connect it to the data visualization tool of your choice. To learn more, visit:

Streamlined Membership Entry: Live Site Release

Streamlined Membership Entry for Staff Members 

Our recent focus on the join experience has led to a better design for members joining online, and now we are bringing a fresh look and time-saving features to staff that are responsible for entering memberships.

While the “Add Unit” and “Renew Membership” processes are remaining mostly the same, we’ve made some noticeable improvements:

  • Less clicks. Larger text, simplified options and more explanatory text make the process more intuitive.
  • Less quirks. We removed some manual processes by reformatting the pages.
  • Responsive. Adding a unit is now easier, on any tablet or screen size.
  • More secure. We added a new permission for auto-renew and deleting fees.

Important Changes: 

  • Some fields are now standardized as part of entering a new membership. Daxko Operations requires these fields for any new member:
    • First + Last Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • DOB
    • Emergency Contact
    • Gender
  • There is a new permission called Manage Unit Fees Setup. This permission will allow users to toggle the auto-renew/auto-term setting for unit billing. There was previously not a permission around this, so we added extra security to help with unit setup.
    • The “Trash Can” permission has also been consolidated with Manage Unit Fees Setup. Anyone that had the “Trash Can” permission will now have “Manage Unit Fees Setup” – system admins can adjust permissions if needed.
  •  We’ve added an option for a quarterly billing term for membership types! This will allow for the ability to sell pre-set 3-month/quarterly memberships online, which there was not a good solution for previously. To take advantage of this option, your association’s Daxko Operations site needs to be configured to allow the quarterly billing cycle as well.  (If your Daxko Operations site is not configured to sell quarterly memberships, you can reach out to to enable this.) This will not affect existing membership types but will be available when creating new ones.

These changes were released to your training site on March 7th.   Based on your feedback, we made changes since that release that will take affect with your live site release: 

  • Associations will be able to decide whether they want to require email address or not.  If email address is required, duplicate entries will not be allowed.
  • Associations will be able to decide whether they want to require race or not.
  • The next process date can be adjusted when entering a new membership.

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Security Update – Adding Users in Daxko Operations – 4/4/18

A new security enhancement will start on April 4, 2018 for users that are able to add new users to Daxko Operations. (Specifically, this will only affect users that have the “Manage Users” permission.)

If you are able to add and manage users, when visiting System Menu>Manage Users, you’ll be required to confirm your password before proceeding.  After confirming your password, if you remain inactive on this screen for 15 minutes, you’ll be prompted to enter your password again to access this area. This helps keep adding users and user credentials secure.

This feature was added as part of Daxko’s annual PCI compliance audit.  Adding extra security when adding users keeps your credentials and site safe.

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