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The Daxko Help Center

Announcing: The Daxko Help Center!

The Daxko Community is now the Daxko Help Center!

Our Customer Success and Product Teams have been hard at work to consolidate the support and training resources that you use most. You can visit the new help center to:

  • Submit a support ticket
  • Submit an enhancement request
  • Read help articles
  • Learn about the latest releases
  • Connect with your peers on LinkedIn

To access the help center, click the link in the system menu. This link is available in Daxko Operations, Engage, Accounting and Mobile.

The Daxko Community site will be sunset and unavailable starting on March 8th, 2018. 


The Daxko Help Center requires a username and password. Click here to request access and complete the form at the bottom right.

Mobile Release – Available Week of Monday, June 26th

Daxko Mobile 10.1.0 will release its newest enhancements and some maintenance items on Monday, June 26th.   This release includes:

  • Instructor Filters
  • Website Schedule
  • Quick Fix


Daxko Mobile now includes a way for members to filter schedule information by instructor. The filter will be available both in the mobile app and on the web version of schedules that members view on your website.


Daxko Mobile now includes a way for you to create pre-filtered schedules to be used on your website. These schedules can be created from the new Website Schedule tab in the admin portal. Website Schedules allow you to select a number of filters that you would like to apply to a schedule and then create a custom website code that can easily be placed on your website. There is no limit on the number of schedules you can create for your site.

Please see the Daxko Mobile Release Notes for screenshots and more detailed information on how to create custom schedule codes.

Questions?  Contact Customer Success.

Daxko Mobile 10.0 Release Notification – April 27, 2017

The Daxko Mobile 10.0 Release will be available on April 27th and includes two new key features:  Mobile Banners and Announcements.

*Please note:  that the updates to the app for your members are subject to download availability and updates  from their app store. Apps should be available starting the week of May 1st. 

Capture the attention of your members with Mobile Banners!  Take the opportunity to display a graphic or image at the top of the member app to promote your key messages to your members.  You can promote as many as 3 banners for each association and 3 banners per branch.  Mobile Banners give you the opportunity to visually capture the attention of your members in a dynamic way!  Banners display in random order on the mobile app.  Screenshots and directions on how to add and edit Mobile Banners are found in the release notes below.  See this quick video clip for instructions.

Expand beyond mobile banners with even more announcements that are pertinent to your members.  If you need them to know something – announce it here!  Members will see the first three announcements that are published for your association.  To view more announcements, a member can click “See Full List of Announcements” for an expanded view.  Screenshots and directions for how to setup, add and edit announcements are also found in the release notes below.  See this quick video clip for instructions.

See release notes here

As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team at