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Schedule Initiatives to Launch in Daxko Engage

When  launching initiatives in Daxko Engage, users needed to manually launch them at the desired date and time.

Now, Manager-level users can easily schedule initiatives to launch at a certain date and time in the future.

Scheduling Options 

As you create a new planning initiative, you’ll now see two scheduling options on Step 4 of the initiative setup.

Launch Now – This option allows you to launch an initiative right away. After selecting this option, click Review and Launch to review the details and confirm the launch of the initiative.

Schedule Launch – This option allows you to schedule the initiative to launch at a certain date and time. You can select today’s date or any date in the future, and select a time of day (within 5 minute increments). After selecting the schedule, make sure to click Review + Launch to confirm the scheduled launch date.

Note: Scheduled launch times will reflect your association’s time zone. 

Scheduled Initiatives Tab

Scheduled Initiatives now will appear in a new tab, next to Planning. This new area lists any upcoming scheduled launches, with the soonest launch at the top.

Editing or unscheduling an initiative that’s scheduled  to launch 

If you need to make changes to the content of the initiative or the scheduled launch time, click Unschedule next to the initiative name in the Scheduled tab. This will unschedule the initiative and send it back to Planning, where you can make any needed changes and/or reset the schedule.

One time initiatives 

For one-time initiatives, the initiative will launch at the specified date and time. Any further steps will happen on the timeframe that’s set in the initiative workflow.

Ongoing initiatives 

For ongoing initiatives, people are automatically added or removed from the group every morning around 5 am Central. After the scheduled launch, this will still be the case and they will begin on Step 1 of the ongoing initiative at that time that they enter the group.


Undo, Redo + View Editing History in the Email Editor

In Daxko Engage, you now have more options to make creating and editing emails go even faster!

With this release, you’ll nowhave options to undo, redo and view editing history right in the email editor.

As you work with initiative email designs, you can rewind and fast-forward to any point in your recent editing history.

New Editing Options 

As soon as a change in your design is detected, a small menu appears at the bottom left corner.  This menu offers three new options:

Undo + Redo buttons allow you  to move back and forth between your last changes:

History (the small clock icon)  expands to see a timeline of the latest changes and jump to a previous design point:

For the timeline, you can see each type of change and the time.

These new options give you the ability to go back to a previous state with certainty and precision.

Going Back in Time 

When you select a previous step in the timeline, the content or row that was edited displays as the selected item, providing further context into what the change looks like.

Note that when you go back in time, the timeline for more recent changes remains available, allowing you to move forward again, without losing any of the edits.

The Undo arrow will remember the 15 most recent changes in the current browser session (it does not remember changes that happened during a different session), but you can always rewind to the “Message opened” step to go all the way back to the beginning.

Get Started 

We hope you enjoy these new editing features when designing emails in Daxko Engage!

This is automatically available for all Manager users on August 15th, 2018.

Solved! Daxko Engage now handles duplicate email addresses

Daxko Engage now deduplicates email lists before sending – meaning your recipients will only receive one copy of an email for each initiative.

Duplicate emails were a problem 

Getting multiple copies of one email was frustrating for many recipients – especially parents that received the same email for each child.

Because you can create groups of children in Daxko Engage, we automatically route those emails to the primary member on the child’s unit. This caused primary members with several kids to receive too many emails.

People that shared an email address would get multiple copies of the same email, too.

With this release, Engage will not send these duplicate emails to your members. Hooray for fewer emails!

Engage now automatically de-dupes your lists 

When launching an initiative, Engage will automatically handle duplicate emails and send the email only once.

This release affects any initiatives that you launch moving forward, as well as any currently running ongoing initiatives.

FAQ + Special Scenarios 

For recipients that share an email address: 

Q: If two people share an email address in my group, which one will receive the email?
A: The first person that enters the initiative will receive the email.

Q: Will both people still progress through the rest of the initiative?
A: Yes. Even if two emails are not sent, both people that share an email address will progress through the workflow.

Q: What if two people share the same email address in one initiative, and one person drops out of the initiative?
A: The second person would then receive any further emails in the workflow.

For crafting emails: 

Q: If I use the merge tag “First Name,” which name is chosen?
A: The first person that enters the initiative.

Q: Can we choose to send duplicate emails?
A: No. All initiatives will automatically de-duplicate by default. This helps increase deliverability and decrease unsubscribes.

For emailing parents: 

Q: Do I need to structure my group rules differently?
A: No. You can continue to create groups that contain multiple children on a unit. Now, the primary will only receive one copy of the email.

Release information 

This release goes live on Friday, August 3rd, 2018. Contact with any questions.