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Save time with new Initiative Templates in Daxko Engage

Introducing: Initiative Templates!

Save time launching new initiatives by browsing our new bank of expertly-crafted Initiative Templates.

Search our curated and free templates and various categories, such as fund development, promoting programs, newsletters and facility updates.  These templates will allow you to browse ideas, engage more people, and launch initiatives quickly.

These templates will feature suggested group rules, timelines for each step, and branded email designs.

These new initiative templates are great if you:

  • Need help crafting emails or messaging
  • Need to save time when sending out communications
  • Want ideas on more ways to utilize Engage
  • Want to see how other associations are using Engage.

Customized branding and expert suggestions 

Our Engagement Solutions Team creates initiatives with best practices and branded emails. We’ve started with around 20 templates, ranging from Newsletters to Facility Updates to Cross-Selling Programs. We plan to add more initiative templates each season to help your marketing team modify and launch timely initiatives.

(Have a template suggestion or need? Submit your idea here.)

Missing in Action - YMCA Initiative Template

Templates are branded for our different types of associations – so whether you are a JCC, YMCA, or Community Center, we have template ideas for you and your constituents.

Missing in Action – YMCA Initiative Template

JCC Newsletter Initiative Template
JCC Newsletter Initiative Template

Our team also knows it can be tough to know how to segment your audience. Our built-in suggestions on how to pair initiatives with the right groups help you reach the right audience.

Using Initiative Templates

To browse templates, go to Initiatives > Initiative Templates. You can view all templates at once or filter by initiative purpose or tag.

Once you find a template you like, you can preview the steps and any email designs.

Like what you see? Go straight to editing the initiative or create a group first using our built-in group suggestions.

Create Group or Use Template
Create Group or Use Template

Once you’ve chosen an Initiative Template to use, you’ll still need to customize the template to make it reflect your style and branding.  You’ll want to check these fields and settings before pressing launch:

  • Emails: subject lines, signatures, links and to/from settings will need to be checked.
  • Tasks: instructions may need additional review, and staff members or teams will need to be chosen

You can follow step-by-step instructions on using Initiative Templates in our User Guide.

Love these new templates or have feedback or questions? Email 

New! Conversion Analytics in Daxko Engage

Conversion Analytics

If you’re an email marketer, you likely rely on open and click rates to track success. But how do you know if your campaign to drive registrations, donations, or membership sales was truly successful?

Using Daxko Operations and Daxko Engage, you can now track more than just clicks and opens with conversion analytics. Because Daxko Engage is fully integrated with Daxko Operations, you can see true conversions tied to your email marketing initiatives.

What you can track 

Daxko Engage is now tracking certain types of conversions tied to links in your program and fundraising emails.

Program registrations and program revenue can be tracked anytime you include a link to Daxko Operations online registration.  Whether you link to your website, the browse programs page, or a specific program link, as long as the recipient can get to a program registration, the conversion is tracked.

Donations for fundraising campaigns can also be tracked. If your email from Daxko Engage leads a recipient to the online donation page for Daxko Operations, and he or she makes a donation online, this conversion is also tracked.

Reporting on results 

Using Custom Reports in Daxko Operations, you can view and export individual registrations or donations that originated from an email in Engage. From Custom Reports, go to Global Reports>Daxko Engage. There are two reports that each track program or fundraising results.

The registration totals are linked to the Daxko Engage initiative using an ID. This ID can be copy + pasted at the end of an initiative URL in Engage.

To view the initiative in Engage:

  1. Copy the initiative ID listed in the left column of the custom report. Example: initiatives/4481
  2. Log into Daxko Engage, and paste the initiative ID at the end of this URL:
  3. Your final URL should look like this in your browser:

Get started 

If you’re not utilizing Daxko Engage to promote programs or fundraising campaigns, here are some resources with ideas on how to get started:

Want to dig more into the analytics and reporting? You can access this recorded webinar from October 31, 2018:

Create or tweak initiatives to track better results 

If you compare your initiatives with the conversion reports in Custom Reports and want to strategically improve, check out these tips:

  1. Revisit segmentation.For program registration pushes, are you using the group rules that segment on past participation (or lack of?) Are you using age rules? Have you segmented using the Donor Indicator? The more group rules that you add, the smaller but more relevant the group will be. Targeting the right groups with the right message. Resist the urge to email “all active members” – this can result in a lot of unsubscribes.
  2. Use a clear call to action. If a program registration link is buried in a newsletter, it won’t perform as well as if it was its own email. We recommend using a button in the email design to make it easy to click.
  3. Check your design for mobile device compatibility. Aim to keep your call to action “above the fold” where a recipient doesn’t need to scroll down.
  4. Count your clicks. You should use the most direct link that you can to speed up the conversion process. If it takes too many clicks to begin a registration or donation, you’ll lose interested recipients along the way.
  5. Save secondary details for a webpage.  Focus on editing out as much unneeded content as possible in the email. People like emails that are short and sweet – so push any extra content to a webpage to keep your email uncluttered.

Coming soon: More event tracking! 

The Daxko Engage Team is planning to add tracking for Membership Sales, as well as Child Care and Camp programs.

Have feedback on this particular feature? Email

Schedule Initiatives to Launch in Daxko Engage

When  launching initiatives in Daxko Engage, users needed to manually launch them at the desired date and time.

Now, Manager-level users can easily schedule initiatives to launch at a certain date and time in the future.

Scheduling Options 

As you create a new planning initiative, you’ll now see two scheduling options on Step 4 of the initiative setup.

Launch Now – This option allows you to launch an initiative right away. After selecting this option, click Review and Launch to review the details and confirm the launch of the initiative.

Schedule Launch – This option allows you to schedule the initiative to launch at a certain date and time. You can select today’s date or any date in the future, and select a time of day (within 5 minute increments). After selecting the schedule, make sure to click Review + Launch to confirm the scheduled launch date.

Note: Scheduled launch times will reflect your association’s time zone. 

Scheduled Initiatives Tab

Scheduled Initiatives now will appear in a new tab, next to Planning. This new area lists any upcoming scheduled launches, with the soonest launch at the top.

Editing or unscheduling an initiative that’s scheduled  to launch 

If you need to make changes to the content of the initiative or the scheduled launch time, click Unschedule next to the initiative name in the Scheduled tab. This will unschedule the initiative and send it back to Planning, where you can make any needed changes and/or reset the schedule.

One time initiatives 

For one-time initiatives, the initiative will launch at the specified date and time. Any further steps will happen on the timeframe that’s set in the initiative workflow.

Ongoing initiatives 

For ongoing initiatives, people are automatically added or removed from the group every morning around 5 am Central. After the scheduled launch, this will still be the case and they will begin on Step 1 of the ongoing initiative at that time that they enter the group.