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Enhancing Group Rules

We’re making a couple small changes to group rules in Daxko Engage. This release will be available in your live site on July 11, 2018.

Program Have Not Registered Rule

We’ve made it easier to cross-sell programs by adding a rule to target those who have not registered.

When prospecting for potential program registrants, you’ll be able to create a group of participants from previous offerings who have not registered for the current offering.

We hope this makes creating targeted groups easier and allows participants to receive information about programs they’d be interested in.

Allow Multiple Programs to be Selected

We learned that Daxko Engage users wanted to select more than one Child Care and Camp program within a single group. You’ll now be able to include multiple programs within the same Child Care and Camp group.

This update will allow you to communicate with registrants of similar programs in the same initiative.

Other Enhancements

Here are a couple other enhancements included in this release:

  • We’ve added two group rules based on Most Recent Join Date which enable you to pull someone into an initiative every six months or one year of their membership. This will be useful for initiatives like member surveys or anniversary emails.
  • We made some small back-end performance improvements and bug fixes to improve your Daxko Engage experience.

Our team is hard at work to provide enhancements in future Daxko Engage releases. Have ideas? Let us know!



Reach Out to Child Care and Camp Parents in Daxko Engage

Engage your child care and camp parents

With Daxko Engage, you can now reach out to parents of child care and camp participants to send updates, promote registrations, and cross-sell different program options.

New Group Rules 

Manager-level users can now reach out to these parents using the new Group Rules for Child Care and Camp. These rules allow you to create groups based on participation in past programs or lack of participation.

When you create a new group, you’ll see the new group rule sections for Child Care and Camp. These new sections each have 2 rules:

Have Registered allows you to segment based on registrations for certain categories, locations, programs, or rate plans (and for camp, camp instances.)

Have Not Registered allows you to segment based on lack of registration categories, locations, programs, or rate plans (and for camp, camp instances.)

These rules are useful to layer together, if you want to further segment groups and reach out to them for different reasons. For example, you can layer group rules to create these kinds of groups in Engage:

  • Registrants for 2018 camps
  • Registrants for the 2017-18 or 2018-19 school year
  • Those that registered for camp last year but not this year
  • Those that registered for 2018 camp but not 2018 child care
  • Those that registered for a youth program but not child care or camp

Group by Registrations, Email Parents 

While groups are created based on a child’s registration for a camp or child care program, any emails sent to the group will be re-routed to the primary member on the child’s unit.

This functionality is not new – the new group rules will simply follow the existing rule where Engage does not attempt to email children under the age of 16. For any group members, an email will be routed to the primary instead. This allows you to group by program registrations but still reach out to parents.

For example, if you create a group of registrants for 2018 summer camps and attempt to email that group, those emails will be routed to the primary on the unit.

Note: We’re currently working on de-duping these types of emails where the primary would only receive one forwarded email if they have multiple children under 16 on the unit. We plan to release this in July 2018.

Release Details 

This release is available on your Daxko Engage live site on Thursday, June 21, 2018.  “Manager” users will be able to use these group rules when they log in and go to create a new group.



Daxko Engage May 2018 Release

Enhancing the Engage Experience 

This month, we’re making tweaks to group rules and email templates in Daxko Engage. These two items will be released to Daxko Engage on May 1, 2018.

Program Registration Rule 

We’ve made it easier to select groups of sessions when segmenting by program registrations!

When creating a group of registrants, you’ll be able to select multiple years, multiple programs, and use a “select all” option if you want to select results that appear.

We hope this makes creating groups of program participants easier and more efficient for you.

Merge tags in Email Footers

The placeholder text for “association name” and “association address” were confusing in the footers of the pre-formatted email layouts. We’ve updated these footers to include merge tags – meaning, when you create a new email design using one of our layouts, those fields will automatically populate for you.

Note: this change will not affect  email designs in existing initiatives.

Coming Up: Child Care + Camp Group Rules!

Our team is hard at work on our next enhancement: group rules for child care and camp participants! We plan to release this in Q2 2018. We’ll keep you posted with more information and release dates.