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The Daxko Help Center

Announcing: The Daxko Help Center!

The Daxko Community is now the Daxko Help Center!

Our Customer Success and Product Teams have been hard at work to consolidate the support and training resources that you use most. You can visit the new help center to:

  • Submit a support ticket
  • Submit an enhancement request
  • Read help articles
  • Learn about the latest releases
  • Connect with your peers on LinkedIn

To access the help center, click the link in the system menu. This link is available in Daxko Operations, Engage, Accounting and Mobile.

The Daxko Community site will be sunset and unavailable starting on March 8th, 2018. 


The Daxko Help Center requires a username and password. Click here to request access and complete the form at the bottom right.

Retire Adobe Flash Player from 1099/1096 Forms

Adobe has announced that Flash Player will be retired in 2020. To avoid any potential compatibility issues, Flash Player will be removed from Daxko Accounting and HTML5 will be implemented. Additionally, we feel this will improve user experience since a third-party download will no longer be needed.

Flash Player is used in several areas within Daxko Accounting and will be retired in Stages.

Stage 1: Adobe Flash Player will be removed from 1099/1096 forms printing

Users will be able to switch their printer default to HTML5 prior to printing their 1099/1096 Forms. To change this setting, go to Custom Fields and Defaults under the Accounts Payable menu. Select HTML5 in the Printing Technology drop-down menu and Save.

This release is available on January 12, 2018.

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Year-End Updates for Daxko Accounting

Tax form updates

The 1099 Tax Form preview has been updated with the 2017 forms. Beginning last year, users are able to print the 1096 Tax Form from Daxko Accounting to file along with their 1099 Forms. Please see this document for a refresher on setting up and printing your 1096 Tax Form.

Better workflow for budgeting wage related expenses

An issue  causing wage related expenses to roll up to the major account code has been corrected. If an employee wage is added to a PCS code account and corresponding waged related expense accounts are not added, then the amounts will roll up to the major account code. However, once the wage related expense accounts with PCS codes are added and the employee wages are saved again, the wage related expenses will allocate to the correct accounts.

Improved experience using Accounts Payable

When working in the AP module, filters have been added to control the order of how invoices print on your check stubs (from both the Make Payments and Manage Checks areas):

  • If one check includes multiple invoices, then the invoices will now print by invoice date.
  • If multiple invoices with the same invoice date are paid on the same check, then the date and time of entry will control the invoice order.

Better view of the Forecast by Month Report

When exported to Excel, a blank column has been removed from the layout causing columns to print on separate pages. Additionally, the summary worksheets have been increased to a font size 8.

This release is available on December 20, 2017. 
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