October Update for Daxko Spectrum and Clover

The following information is for Daxko Spectrum and Daxko Payment Services customers using Clover devices:

Daxko Spectrum’s next release will include an update to the newest version of Clover. Prior to this release on October 23, we recommend installing the newest driver version to ensure the best performance possible.

Please complete the following:

  1. For all Windows 64-bit workstations using Clover with Spectrum, download and install version 1.4.3 CloverDeviceDriverComplete64.msi from Dropbox. For Windows 32-bit workstations, download and install version 1.4.3 CloverDeviceDriverComplete86.msi from Dropbox. Depending on your security settings, this may require an administrator login to complete the installation.
  2. Reboot all workstations that have the new driver installed.

Questions? Please contact our Customer Success Team at help@daxko.com.