Streamlined Membership Entry

Streamlined Membership Entry for Staff Members 

Our recent focus on the join experience has led to a better design for members joining online, and now we are bringing a fresh look and time-saving features to staff that are responsible for entering memberships.

While the “Add Unit” and “Renew Membership” processes are remaining mostly the same, we’ve made some noticeable improvements:

  • Less clicks. Larger text, simplified options and more explanatory text make the process more intuitive.
  • Less quirks. We removed some manual processes by reformatting the pages.
  • Responsive. Adding a unit is now easier, on any tablet or screen size.
  • More secure. We added a new permission for auto-renew and deleting fees.

Check out these screenshots for a sneak preview, or test it yourself on the training site.

Important Changes:

  • Email address is now required for the primary member of the unit. This helps cut down on confusion when setting up online accounts, and makes it easier to email receipts and statements. Your association’s other required fields will also remain visible when setting up new members.
  • There is a new permission called Manage Unit Fees Setup. This permission will allow users to toggle the auto-renew/auto-term setting for unit billing. The “Trash Can” permission has also been consolidated with Manage Unit Fees Setup. Anyone that had the “Trash Can” permission will now have “Manage Unit Fees Setup” – system admins can adjust permissions if needed

These changes are available on March 7th on your training site We’re taking feedback into consideration before releasing to your live site in a few weeks. 

Other Membership + Reporting Enhancements 

Three other changes will be released to your live site on March 7th, 2018, that apply to online joins and renewals.

New Required Fields (Online) 

With our recent redesign of the online join experience, we standardized the required fields that are asked at the time of sign-up. Based on your feedback, we have added three additional fields for any online join or renewal: Emergency Contact, Emergency Contact Phone, and Race.

We added these to help you capture the data you need for emergency situations, as well as demographics reporting. 

Changes to Confirmation Emails 

We also made it easier for membership to differentiate the confirmation emails for new joins. Join emails will have slightly different subject lines and content:

  • For someone that joins in the facility: New Account Confirmation: Welcome, *first name*!
  • For someone that renews in the facility: Renewal Confirmation: Welcome back, *first name*!
  • For someone that joins online: New Online Account Confirmation: Welcome, *first name*!
  • For someone that renews online: Online Renewal Confirmation: Welcome back, *first name*!

Easily Add Columns in the Due Pre Calculate Report

Adding up column amounts in the DPC now takes less effort. The cells are now formatted correctly in Excel where you can easily sum columns. This will be available starting on 3/20/18.

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