Simplified Management for YUSA Nationwide Membership

Nationwide Membership – Easier to Launch!

YUSA’s Nationwide Membership allows your home members to reach their health and wellness goals, wherever they may go – and we’re committed to helping you launch Nationwide Membership at your Y.

To save Ys time and effort, we’ve simplified the process of enabling member level reciprocity in Daxko Operations. You will no longer need to contact our customer support team to enable members in bulk.  Daxko will run a nightly process to enable all active members under any Membership Type that has reciprocity enabled.

(Before this release, enabling a membership type for reciprocity did not automatically enable the existing members under that membership type. Therefore,  their information did not populate in important Custom Reports that are used for Nationwide Membership.  We were able to update these in bulk for you upon request before, but we have made that process much simpler and totally driven by you. )

Starting on March 7th, when you enable a Membership Type for reciprocity, it will automatically enable reciprocity privileges for existing members under that membership type. 

Special Exceptions 

If you have specific members (in an allowed membership type) that are excluded from using Nationwide Membership because of abuse of the system or bad behavior, you must manage their exception in the Nationwide Membership system.

Because Daxko Operations will automatically mark all members in a membership type as eligible for reciprocity, managing those exceptions there is not ideal.

Nationwide Membership, however, will continue to maintain exceptions in their system. This gives greater visibility to other associations as to why a member is not allowed access to visit other locations.

Click here to see how to manage these permission in the Nationwide Membership system.

Launching March 7th

This new nightly process for reciprocity will begin on March 7th. Please remember to enter any members that you consider to be excluded from their Membership Type’s reciprocal permissions into Nationwide Membership before March 7th.

We look forward to continuing to support you as you launch in Nationwide Membership.  Have further questions? Contact