Server Upgrade for Daxko Accounting

Programming Upgrade to Tomcat 8 Server

Our software development team is always working to release new features to our products to improve your experience. This includes updates and improvements to the servers which house our platforms. Daxko Accounting’s next release will include an upgrade to Tomcat 8 Server. Our team has spent the last several months planning and testing to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

What changes will we experience?

While this is not a release of a new feature or new functionality, there are several benefits for our software development team, and ultimately our customers, that made this project a priority:

  • Most importantly, it is a required update for PCI compliance.
  • Additionally, it offers more stability, flexibility, and an additional level of security.
  • For those of you that speak the language, it adds support for HTTP/2, OpenSSL for JSSE, TLS virtual hosting and JASPIC 1.1

This release is available on September 27, 2017. 

Questions? Contact our Customer Success Team.