Updates to Prospecting and Online Joins

Learn more about your prospects 

Capturing and tracking key information about prospective members can lead to better follow-up and more sales.

When entering a prospect, you’ll see new fields for:

  • Preferred Membership Type
  • Member Interests
  • Date of Birth

To learn more about these new prospecting options, check out our release notes.

Simplifying billing for online joins 

For a while, we’ve been researching how we can improve the online join process to be a simple and easy experience.

Our main focus came directly from your feedback: Make joining online simple, but still capture the information we need from them up front.

Just as we’ve improved online registration for programs, we’re committed to making joining online an easy process to complete, without skimping on collecting vital data.  There will be ongoing improvements to joining online, and we’re excited to bring you the first one: simplifying billing choices.

We’ve been researching and testing how people react to choices online, and the direction is clear; Industry research confirms that the more information and options presented to someone joining online, the less likely they are to actually complete all the steps.

That’s when we realized that online joiners are getting tripped up on one page more than any other: their draft frequency and date.

Most associations allow four draft cycles (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) and two draft dates. This presents a challenge for online registrants who are shopping for the best option for their family, especially having already faced the process of selecting a membership type.

To simplify this process for online joins, we are introducing a new online setting where you can determine the online draft date for all membership types.

On September 6th, you’ll see this new online draft date setting, but the changes will not take effect for online joins until a future release.  We’re giving you this setting early so you can choose the right options and prepare for this online change.

Flexibility and exceptions

If you need more flexibility for online draft dates, you can select different draft dates for different membership types.

Just as before, you can change a draft date for a membership in-house. This online setting won’t affect in-house joins – your staff can still select any of the offered draft dates.

To learn more about how this setting works, check out our release notes.