Track and Redeem Package Sessions in Daxko Operations

We want to help you say goodbye to the binder, so we’re making it easier for instructors to redeem package sessions online.

Redeem sessions easier and faster

This new addition to Program Packages makes it simple for instructors to:

  • Redeem a session once it’s complete
  • Capture the participant’s signature
  • See remaining sessions at a glance

…all within Daxko Operations. And, because the redemption page is completely mobile-friendly, your instructors can redeem sessions from their smartphone or tablet.

Track redemptions with transparency and efficiency

We consulted with many customers when building out Program Packages, and one particular need became very clear:  All associations said that a transparent and efficient redemption process for both the instructor and participant was a major goal for their team.

Instructor redemption in Daxko Operations ensures a consistent experience for members and staff, and can help prevent lost revenue. Admin staff can track overall redemptions using a Custom Report to see remaining package sessions.

Get started 

This new feature will be available on July 12, 2017, on your Daxko Operations live site. (We recommend exploring it first on your Training Site before launching it with your staff. )

For step-by-step instructions, check out our Instructor Redemption User Guide.

Questions about this release? Contact Customer Success.