Daxko Mobile-Announcements

Daxko Mobile 10.0

Daxko Mobile will soon include the ability to add announcements to the new front page of the mobile app.  The mobile app will open on a new homepage that displays location hours and announcements for a member’s default branch.  The home page will be getting new features soon and will allow you to better communicate with your members on their mobile app.

Your app will be updated later in April, but we wanted to give you a chance to go ahead and add announcements now, so when your app is updated, your announcements will appear.  See below for full instructions on how to add an announcement.

  • A new menu item titled “Announcements” has been added to the mobile app.

(screenshot of what the announcements area of the new app home page will look like)

Adding an announcement

  • From the dashboard of the admin page
    • Select Messages
    • Select Announcements
    • Select Add announcement
    • Complete the required fields
    • If you would like to add a link to the announcement be sure to include http:// or https:// before the url example: https://daxko.com
    • Click Publish announcement
    • Announcements will display in the app for members between the start date and end date





Edit an announcement

  • From the announcement listing page
    • Select the pencil edit icon next to the announcement that you would like to edit
    • Edit the information for the announcement
    • To delete the announcement, select the delete option
    • To update the information in the announcement, select Save Announcement


Members will see the first three announcements that are published for your association.  To view more announcements, a member will need to click on the “View more announcements” link.

*remember the app will be updated later in April to display your announcements