Daxko Accounting Release – March 29, 2017

Daxko Accounting’s next release available on March 29, 2017 contains these key items:

  • New Version for the Statement of Cash Flows Report
  • Maintenance Items

Users now have the option to run a new version of the report in Excel to give users a summary or full detail view  of each section by selecting the appropriate tab. Additionally, a full list of all uncategorized accounts that have not been assigned to a cash flow category can be viewed on the Exceptions tab.  The previous version, which depends upon a legacy reporting tool, will remain available for comparison purposes. No updates have been applied to this version of the report. Any plans to remove the previous version will be communicated in advance.  For more details and visuals, please review these Release Notes.


  • Reports of incorrect values displaying on the Revenue and Expense Dashboard Widget for the “Last 12 Periods” setting have been corrected

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our Customer Success Team at support@daxko.com.