Extended Analytics Tagging Now Available in Daxko Operations

Daxko has added extended tagging analytics to all member-facing pages in Daxko Operations.  You can now add your own tracking tags throughout the Daxko online pages to understand your members’ online behavior.

Daxko will need the email address that you use to access your Google account.  You can submit your email address by completing this form.  Once we receive the email address, we will setup your access to the Google Tag Manager site.  Once you have access to the site, you will be able to login and add tags to your Daxko online pages.

You will still need to access Google Tag Manager through your Google account just like you do with Google Analytics where you can easily manage tags on your site.  Google Tag Manager works with Google Analytics and many other tracking tags for easier management and deployment of your tags.

Google has provided a series of tutorials to walk you through this process and set you up for tagging success.

As a membership or marketing director at your association, you want to understand the behaviors that drive participation, registration and donations from your members so that you can better market and communicate to them.  To do that, you need to understand the behaviors of your members and their navigational experience of your website.

Tags on your website help you measure traffic and optimize your marketing, but they can be cumbersome to update which can often delay your campaigns.  Google Tag Manager is a free tool that puts non-technical roles in charge of digital marketing and analytics.  You can measure the behavior of your members’ online experience without writing code or involving your Webmaster with Google Tag Manager.

Benefits of utilizing Google Tag Manager for your association include faster deployment of marketing analytics code on your website to keep track, deploy, modify and delete tags.  This allows you to collect repeatable, consistent data with great flexibility in setup.

Websites today have grown increasingly complex.  Using many tags to measure things like analytics, advertising and E-commerce.  But too many tags can reduce performance and even slow down or break your website.

Google Tag Manager is your gateway to Google Analytics.  To learn more about Google Tag Manager Fundamentals, we encourage you to participate in Google’s Analytics Academy to show you how easy it is to implement and update multiple tags, increasing the performance and stability of your website.  These courses will teach you the basics and help you determine the best management strategy and measurement plan for your website tags and triggers. You can find out how to participate in that free course at this webpage.