Import and Engage Your Own Groups Using Daxko Engage

Currently, you may be using several email tools to email and engage your community.  Now, you can simplify your email campaigns by importing lists of people directly into Daxko Engage. This release of Daxko Engage features the ability to create and import groups.  You can still create groups using the rules you have been using, but you now have a second option to directly import files.

Do you have a sign-up sheet from an event, or a balance due report? You can import your file and start communicating through Daxko Engage, saving you a great deal of time.  Plus, you are no longer limited to only contacts in Daxko Operations.  Now, you can import anyone (not just members or non-members) as long as you have their name and email address.

Importing lists into Daxko Engage gives you endless grouping opportunities.  To set you up for success, please reference the below materials:

  • Release Notes:  This user group guide shows you who can be imported, file requirements, how to import, view, and save the group, as well as how to use imported groups in initiatives.
  • How to Video:  For those that prefer a more visual approach – check out this video to walk you through the processes.

In addition to these resources, please feel free to consult the Daxko Engage training site for all Daxko Engage training materials including video tutorials, free training webinars and release training webinars.

As always if you have questions, our Customer Success Team is standing by to answer your questions.