Boost Email Engagement with Video

Video is engaging and entertaining, and is being used more and more in email campaigns.  

Did you know that including video in an email can lead to open rate increases of 19% and  click-through rate increases upwards of 50 percent?

Boosting email engagement using video is now easier than ever in Daxko Engage. Using our new video option in the email editor, you can add video to your digital marketing strategy.

Adding video to an email in Engage 

After dragging a video placeholder block into your email design and adding your video link, the email editor will automatically display a play button and static image.

Want to customize further? You can change the look of the play button and the image that represents the video.

What your recipients will see 

When someone opens your email and presses play, a browser window or video app (like YouTube or Vimeo) will automatically open to play the video.

Why do I have to link to the video instead of uploading it? 

The best practice for using video in email marketing is to host the video elsewhere and link to it using an image. Having to download a video from inside the email (as opposed to just linking to it) causes less views, uses more data, and makes the email more likely to be deleted.

Getting Started 

This new video option is available in Daxko Engage today, January 17, 2018. Manager-level users with access to the email editor can check it out in the live site.

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New Refund Option for Clover Devices

Credit Card Refunds are now available for Clover payments!

You now have the ability to refund Clover payments directly back to the credit card used in the original payment.

When generating a refund that was paid via Clover, the Refund Method will now default to Credit Card Refund. The refund will still need to be approved in Finance > Refunds.

Note: there are some limitations for refunding debit card transactions through Clover. If you attempt a refund for some debit cards that are ineligible for that action, you will be notified that the transaction cannot be submitted.

Retire Adobe Flash Player from 1099/1096 Forms

Adobe has announced that Flash Player will be retired in 2020. To avoid any potential compatibility issues, Flash Player will be removed from Daxko Accounting and HTML5 will be implemented. Additionally, we feel this will improve user experience since a third-party download will no longer be needed.

Flash Player is used in several areas within Daxko Accounting and will be retired in Stages.

Stage 1: Adobe Flash Player will be removed from 1099/1096 forms printing

Users will be able to switch their printer default to HTML5 prior to printing their 1099/1096 Forms. To change this setting, go to Custom Fields and Defaults under the Accounts Payable menu. Select HTML5 in the Printing Technology drop-down menu and Save.

This release is available on January 12, 2018.

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