Web Resources for all YMCAs: An Introduction to Open Y

We live in a world of resource constraints. That’s true no matter your budget. At some point, the need always surpasses the ability to meet it. What’s a good solution? I think it’s all about fighting our inner two-year-old and sharing more.

If you need a WIFM (what’s in it for me), how about innovation and growth? When teamwork happens the way it’s supposed to happen, amazing things can come out of it. When everyone in a group is equally invested in the greater goal, the result is everyone working faster, finding mistakes more easily, and innovating better. Drawing on the knowledge of others is crucial in getting to the best result. This concept has spawned an entire movement of sharing.

Ever heard of open source software or collaborative work environments? These are two examples in the technology world where individuals come together and contribute to something in the hopes of making it better. Just like our parents told us, the concept of sharing is wildly successful. And now, sharing is impacting a non-profit movement that Daxko has been supporting for 10 years: the YMCAs. Behold the Open Y initiative.

In 2016, a small group of Ys recognized that they had access to modern, engaging website development resources that weren’t available to all Ys. Rather than taking the path of least resistance and merely hoping someone else would solve the problem, these leaders came together and decided to be the change by developing their content management systems on the open source functionality, Drupal 8. What this means is that every Y can now make use of the development that these few pioneers started. And every time someone develops something new with this source, they can publish it for others to use as well.  At the Open Y Summit last week, it was invigorating to see this trend of collaboration come to life and open the eyes of 130 people, all focused on bringing greater opportunity to the YMCA movement.

Working outside of your own association can seem tedious and time-consuming. However, as the Open Y has already shown, bringing unique minds together is worth it because when a group of people focuses on achieving a big, common goal they create new, synergistic energy. This is how dreams of moon shots become reality. As a vested partner in the YMCA movement, I’m honored to be able to contribute to this new reality.

Want to learn more about Open Y and see how you can play a role in change?

Register to attend “An Introduction to Open Y” on Thursday, October 12, at 1:00pm CST. Nathan Maehren (Sr. VP, Digital at YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities) and Courtney Glover (Director of Digital Strategy at YMCA of Greater Houston), both part of the original group that started Open Y, will walk us through how this initiative came to be and how you can help it grow.

Faster + Simpler Online Registrations

Find and register for programs with ease online 

Your members and participants deserve the best online experience when registering for programs on your website.

More people are making purchases on their smartphones or computers than ever before, and we want to make the process of selecting and paying for a program online both simple and fast.

For the past few months, we have been optimizing how people search for a program online, and our pilots have been thrilled with the results.

Saving time online

Members and participants will see these improvements to finding programs online.

  • A fully mobile-responsive experience. No more pinching and zooming on a smartphone – everything is optimized for registrants’ mobile devices.
  • Filter as you search. Participants can quickly find a program that fits. 
  • Compare multiple locations.  Participants can choose offerings at the location that works best for their schedule.
  • Find programs faster. When participants enter a keyword search, they’ll see better, faster results. 
  • Check out upcoming programs. The new Coming Soon section can be used to showcase upcoming programs that are not yet open for registration.
  • Get directions. When looking at a branch or location, participants can route to the address using their GPS app.  
  • Remind yourself to register. They can also add a registration date to their calendar so they don’t miss out on a great offering. 

Early Adopters’ feedback has been vital 

We had several associations pilot this new online search, and their feedback has been vital. We want to offer a special thanks to the following Early Adopters:

  • Akron Area YMCA
  • JCC Chicago
  • YMCA of Austin
  • YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

Are you interested in being an Early Adopter for a future release? Submit your information here.

See it in action 

To learn more about this new experience and how it benefits your members and increases online registrations, read our release notes.

Server Upgrade for Daxko Accounting

Programming Upgrade to Tomcat 8 Server

Our software development team is always working to release new features to our products to improve your experience. This includes updates and improvements to the servers which house our platforms. Daxko Accounting’s next release will include an upgrade to Tomcat 8 Server. Our team has spent the last several months planning and testing to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

What changes will we experience?

While this is not a release of a new feature or new functionality, there are several benefits for our software development team, and ultimately our customers, that made this project a priority:

  • Most importantly, it is a required update for PCI compliance.
  • Additionally, it offers more stability, flexibility, and an additional level of security.
  • For those of you that speak the language, it adds support for HTTP/2, OpenSSL for JSSE, TLS virtual hosting and JASPIC 1.1

This release is available on September 27, 2017. 

Questions? Contact our Customer Success Team.