Alaris provides tablet-based check in management for all kids of health clubs. Daxko Operations integrates with Alaris. Learn more at alariscloud.net.


PlayerSpace utilizes the Daxko API to provide a seamless experience for league management with PlayerSpace and Daxko Operations. Learn more at PlayerSpace.net.


Perkville partnership

Perkville provides all-in-one member rewards and referrals for health and wellness organizations that want to reward loyal members and gain new members through reliable member referrals. Learn more at www.perkville.com.



Daxko Operations integrates with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT for fundraisers. Learn more about the integration.


Daxko partners with Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based physical access control, to bring integrated facility access to Daxko customers. Learn more about Daxko Facility Access powered by Brivo.

Card Services

Serving more than 9,000 fitness facilities all over the world, Daxko has the economies of scale to offer all types of cards at competitive pricing. We partner with an industry-leading provider for gift cards, key cards and more for gyms, YMCAs, JCCs, and health clubs all over the world. Learn more about Daxko’s Card Services.


Conversica partnership

Daxko has partnered with Conversica to provide AI-driven lead management software for health club membership sales and marketing. Learn more about the Daxko and Conversica.


Daxko partners with Raptor Technologies to provide sex-offender screening for health and wellness facilities nationwide.  Learn more about Raptor Technologies.

As the largest software provider for all kinds of health and wellness organizations, Daxko’s committed to creating strong partnerships to enhance our product offerings.

We partner with industry-leading complimentary solutions to provide a variety of add-on services to the Daxko core brands: Zen Planner, Daxko Operations, Club Automation, and Daxko Spectrum. Want to be considered for the Daxko partner network?  Fill out the form here to be considered.