Daxko is proud to be a partner of the Open Y initiative.

Our API is used to re-imagine, redefine and innovate our Operations ecosystem. Just as it has helped Daxko to improve processes and expand our creativity, we think it can help Open Y participants in the same way.

An Introduction to Open Y

Daxko + Open Y FAQs

Who is currently utilizing the Daxko API in conjunction with the Open Y project?
YMCA of Greater Houston
YMCA of Greater Dayton
YMCA of South Hampton Roads
YMCA of Western North Carolina
Red Wing Family YMCA
YMCA of Western Stark

What can you do with the Daxko API and Open Y today?
Customers utilizing Daxko API with Open Y are able to create custom browsing experiences and soon will be able to create custom program registration experiences for their members.

What are developers Daxko has worked with?

Where can I find additional documentation on the Daxko API?
On the Daxko API pages.