Secure your facility to keep members and staff safe.

Finding an affordable, innovative facility access solution doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Daxko has partnered with Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based physical access control, to bring you a solution that is integrated with Daxko Operations, allowing you to manage access points anytime, anywhere. Brivo guarantees 99.9% uptime and serves more than 9 million users.


Daxko Facility Access customers will also benefit from:

Fully Integrated Software and Hardware

Daxko Facility Access integrates with external hardware needed to secure your facility, including your parking garage, interior and exterior doors, and more

Customized Access Points

Access point entry can be tailored by demographics such as membership type, age, gender, and program interest

Ability to Measure and Track Facility Usage

Data analytics allow you to understand facility usage and make strategic decisions around future facility planning

Focus on Members, Not Maintenance

Daxko’s service model provides a predictable monthly cost, and alleviates the risk that comes with infrastructure management and maintenance

By partnering with Brivo, Daxko customers can enjoy the world-class support of Daxko partnership with the ease, security, and reliability of Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based physical access control.