Access your data in the cloud
Analyze your data internally
Write reports with the reporting tool of your choice

Daxko Vault offers secure access to your operational data via the cloud.

Daxko Operations users are eligible to receive complimentary access to Daxko Vault, up to 100 data inquiries per month. For advanced data users, we developed a robust, fee-based offering that provides unlimited inquiries and the fastest response time available. 

What data is included in Daxko Vault?

Daxko Vault was built by our expert team of data scientists and offers historical point-in-time data from Daxko Operations. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Units and Members
  • Branches and Sites
  • Program, Childcare, & Camp Registrations
  • Fundraising Campaigns and Pledges
  • Facility Usage
  • Daily snapshots of Unit Joins, Renewals & Terminations of Activations


With your new Daxko Dashboards, the metrics you need are now at your fingertips. Use the dashboards to:

  • Access important numbers you use everyday
  • Gain insights into membership trends
  • Monitor your account entries
  • Track and compare overall performance changes over time
  • Customize how you see key metrics that are important to you.

Use our predictive analytics to drive strategic business decisions. Our predictive analytics, including the retention and Donor Indicators, are proprietary algorithms created by Daxko’s team of data scientists using our historical and point-in-time data to predict trends.


As the leader in membership with over 70% of the non-profit market and over 30% of the club market, Daxko wants to share best practices that we have learned in our 16 years focused on memberships.

Introducing the Membership Index. With over 600 YMCAs reporting, you can benchmark your data on national membership trends and know how your region is performing year over year with 13 months of historical data.

The Daxko Membership Index shows:

  • Active members
  • New members
  • Rejoined members
  • Terminated members

Refreshed monthly, access the only sources for national trends in membership data with the Daxko Membership Index.

Ready to learn more about Decision Analytics?


Daxko Decision Analytics FAQs

What is Daxko Decision Analytics?

Daxko Decision Analytics is all things data. You can break it down to these three categories:
Access:  Access to their data though Daxko Vault or custom reports.
Analytics:  Beyond just data, our team of data scientists provide proprietary algorithms to you with our predictive analytics and our Indicators to include (Retention and Donor Indicators). In Daxko Operations, the Daxko Dashboard gives your organization a picture of the health of your memberships.
Thought Leadership: Hear from our data experts on the trends and patterns you need to look for and get pointed in the direction of what you should do next!

When will Daxko Decision Analytics launch?

We currently have 10 customers in an EAP. The market wide release will be by the end of this year.

How much does Daxko Decision Analytics cost?

Access to the Daxko Dashboards, the Membership Index and our other thought leadership resources are included as a part of Daxko Operations. Access to your data through Daxko Vault is complimentary for the first 100 inquiries into your data per month.

What do you mean by Predictive Analytics?

You need predictive analytics to drive strategic business decisions.  Predictive analytics are proprietary algorithms created by our team of data scientists using our historical and point-in-time data to predict trends.  To date, we have shared the Retention Indicator (formerly The Engagement Index) and we recently launched the Donor Indicator which are both available in Engage today.

What is an Indicator?

An Indicator is a trend or fact that lets you know the state or level of something. Our Retention and Donor Indicators give users insight into which members are most likely to stay members and donate.

What is an algorithm?

At their core, algorithms are a series of coded steps that result in an output. Predictive algorithms result in data that the narrows uncertainty of something happening or not happening. Our proprietary algorithms determine how likely or unlikely it is a member will remain a member – and — how likely or unlikely they are to say yes when asked for a donation.

What is it that makes Daxko’s proprietary algorithms better?

Our proprietary algorithms are unique and keep getting smarter. Our team of data scientists utilize the latest in machine learning modeling to fine-tune predictions only we can make with 16 years of historical and point-in-time data.

What do you mean by Thought Leadership?

The purpose of data is to ultimately take an action.  We want to share best practices that we have learned in our 16 years focused on memberships.   We are the leader in membership with over 70% of the non-profit market and over 30% of the club market.
We’ll team with industry experts to share industry trends, insights and best practices through blogs, podcasts, whitepapers, and ebooks.