AI-Driven Lead Management Software for Health Club Membership Sales & Marketing

Meet Nora, your new sales assistant powered by Daxko and Conversica.

Daxko is the exclusive reseller of Nora, powered by Daxko and Conversica, in the member-based health and wellness market. Nora uses responsive automation to cultivate lead interest, gather contact information and drive highly-qualified leads to your team.

Learn how your sales assistant can:

  • Connect and engage with leads in real time
  • Re-engage old or inactive leads
  • Alert salespeople to hot leads
  • Follow-up to be sure every lead is contacted

Ready to see the difference AI can make in your club, gym, or Y? Request a personal demo today:


Daxko, the market leader in software for health and wellness organizations, has partnered with Conversica, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for business, to provide an AI-powered virtual sales assistant to Daxko customers.

With this partnership, Daxko becomes the exclusive reseller of Conversica in the member-based health and wellness market, giving Daxko customers access to Conversica’s  powerful offering that automatically contacts, engages, qualifies and performs follow up with potential members via natural, multi-channel, two-way conversations.