Matt Popinski, VP of Payments

Matt joined the Daxko team in January 2007 after spending over 15 years working with sales and services organizations such as BellSouth / AT&T, Johnson and Johnson, and a Smith & Nephew distributor. Matt has a passion for designing and leading the development of new products, services, and processes. At the core of Matt’s passion is delivering exceptional experiences for customers and for team members and operating as a servant leader.

Matt began his career at Daxko as Director of Support Services where his teams launched Daxko’s multi-channel service model, proactive support and account management mechanisms, Daxko’s Customer Community forum, Daxko’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Program, Daxko’s Ambassador Program, Support Service’s Team Member Development Program. Matt’s teams achieved all-time highs in service KPIs, customer retention, and customer loyalty metrics. Additionally, Matt lead the Daxko Team Member Development Program for 3 years, coordinating the delivery of 30+ learning sessions and launching the Daxko Services book club. Matt has hired and contributed to the success of 14 Daxko Achiever’s Club winners. He has spoken at local and national events on the topics of Crafting Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Programs, Creating Customer Service Cultures, and Service Excellence through Leadership.

During 2013 and 2014, Matt served on the NetVentures Acquisition Team and led the post-acquisition team as General Manager of the Trinexum Business Unit. Under his leadership, the Trinexum Business Unit has exceeded all customer retention objectives, all revenue retention objectives, and all profitability objectives.

More recently, Matt (and others) led Daxko’s entry into the credit card processing space and completed Daxko’s registration as an ISO in early 2016. He led the AAC post-acquisition team in 2018 and now serves as Vice President of Payments at Daxko. Matt manages all electronic payments endeavors across Daxko, Spectrum, ZenPlanner, AAC, and Club Automation.

Matt is a three-time Daxko Achiever’s Club winner and also led the Support Services to the Daxko team of the year award in 2008.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama – Birmingham and is a multi-time graduate of the Disney Institute. Matt lives in Helena, AL with his wife and four children and is an active member of his local church. He is a self-proclaimed soccer enthusiast and is a nationally licensed competitive soccer coach.