Moving to Birmingham

boothsConsidering a move to a new city can be daunting, particularly if you have a spouse or family to consider as well. To help ease the decision-making process, we’ve put together a few resources we hope will be helpful in researching options and imagining what life could be like in the Magic City.

Getting to know the Daxko culture: 

Aside from spending time in the office with the Daxko team, the Daxko Nation culture blog is the best place to get to know what it would be like to work here. Feel free to share the link with family members.

What’s it like in the Magic City? 

Birmingham, Alabama is experiencing a renaissance from craft brews, to James Beard award-winning chefs, Birmingham has a lot to offer with a great cost of living. Birmingham tops Forbes magazine’s 2015 list of most affordable cities. We’ve sourced a few blog posts that may be helpful in getting a feel for the kinds of events and special places you can find in and around Birmingham:

Moving to Birmingham

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Interesting facts about the Magic City

What’s the weather like?

While we may get the occasional surprise snowstorm once a century and some hot and humid weather every summer, it’s generally a pretty temperate climate year ‘round. Get average temperatures here.

Where to live

The Birmingham metro area is home to more than one million people, and is comprised of many incorporated communities spread out across a broad area. That can make doing research tough if you don’t know where to start. Hopefully this will help.

  • Our office is located in Homewood, just a few miles from Birmingham city limits. Homewood has a great community feel, top-notch schools, and housing ranging from affordable starter homes on the west side to pricier historic homes in a section called “Hollywood.” Properties tend to be fairly close together with pockets of local shops making it one of the most walking-friendly neighborhoods in town.
  • Just beyond Homewood is the City of Vestavia Hills. Most homes in this neighborhood are a 7-10 mile commute to Daxko. The school system is one of the best ranked in the state. Property size in Vestavia tends to be a bit larger than Homewood (if you like a larger yard). Note that as the name indicates, Vestavia is hilly, so many yards are on a slope.
  • Equally close to the office is the Mountain Brook/Crestline area. “Old” Mountain Brook is the most affluent neighborhood in the metro area, but more recently annexed sections have slightly more affordable homes. The schools are often ranked #1 in the state. Most commutes from Mountain Brook are 7-10 miles from the office.
  • Bluff Park is the mountain ridge directly behind our office building. Most of the area is zoned for Hoover schools (see below), but it makes sense to list it separately as it has a character all its own. Many of the homes in Bluff Park are older with newer developments mixed in, which gives the area a more eclectic feel. Bluff Park is a 5-7 mile commute from the office.
  • Hoover – one of the more spread out suburbs of Birmingham – is newer than Homewood, Vestavia, or Mountain Brook, and a great mix of residential and commercial. Hoover schools are more diverse than most of the previously mentioned communities and also enjoy high ratings. One advantage to the Hoover school system is that they (currently) have a bus system. The afore-mentioned communities do not. Most families work this out by engineering carpools and after-school activities for their kids.
  • Oak Mountain/Shelby County is a fast growing area southeast of the city. Commute times will vary, as this area covers quite a few square miles. Schools are rated on par with Hoover, and also have a fair amount of diversity. Shelby County is one of the most affluent counties in the state, but still has a wide range of incomes and housing depending on where you go.
  • Helena, Pelham, and Alabaster  are communities southeast of Birmingham in Shelby county. All three rank in the top ten best cities to live in Alabama in the “community allure” category, based on indicators such as the cost of living, education, and crime rates.
  • If you are looking for a more urban feel, and you might prefer private schools, or schools are not an issue for you, many find their happy home on Birmingham city’s Southside, a downtown loft, Highland Park, or historic Forest Park. As with any urban area, these are more lively, diverse neighborhoods, but also come with urban challenges of parking, security, and noise.
  • Trussville was ranked the 56th most livable U.S. (CNN Money, 2005) and continues to thrive. It is located northwest of Birmingham’s downtown area and offers great schools and low cost of living. The community has grown but still strives to maintain a small-town feel for residents.

For a website to compare these and other neighborhoods, check out AreaVibes

Comparing Schools

If you have (or will have) school-age children, the quality of the school system is likely to affect your decision on where to live. Compare school systems for yourself at GreatSchools or Niche.