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YMCA of Greater Dayton’s Success with Gains

Published On: Jan 11, 2021

Two years ago, the YMCA of Greater Dayton had waves of credit card declines to sift through following their membership drafts each month. With nearly 14,000 credit cards returning in 2016, the team struggled managing both the volume and staff time it took to connect with members and reclaim lost revenue.

According to their IT Training & Operations Support Director Pam Flatter, her team spent around 80-100 hours a week working collection at the height of returns.

“We would start at the first of the month with a letter, and follow up with an email and phone call towards the end of the month,” Pam said. “This was a standard case where the effort did not equal the results. Despite our best intentions, we would end up terminating members over something as simple as an expired credit card.”

In 2016, the team at the YMCA of Greater Dayton partnered with Daxko to fight these declines and accelerate their revenue through Gains.

“Upon purchasing, we were able to decrease our staff time managing declines by 50% and have been able to focus more on member engagement rather than tracking members down for updated credit card information,” Pam said.

According to Pam, the Gains proactive card account updater, or CAU, has been a driving force in decreasing the time spent on collections.

“Our first year with Gains, we decreased our terminations due to returns by 963 units. Our terminations instantly dropped due to the CAU.”

Flatter shares that Gains has undoubtedly resulted in a better experience for their members.

“They’re no longer being confronted when they check in regarding payments, their accounts are not being terminated, they are not being sent to an outside collections company, or told they must pay their previous balance before they rejoin,” Pam said. “I’d like to think our members appreciate Gains because it removes these unpleasantries from their experience.”

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