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YMCA CFO Shares Improvements in Staff Efficiency and Membership Cancellations

Published On: Feb 10, 2020

The YMCA of Western North Carolina was among the first associations to utilize Daxko Payment Services for integrated payment processing beginning in 2017. We caught up with Sabra Stewart, their CFO, to learn more about the impact it’s had on her staff and members.

How has Daxko Payment Services changed the way your team operates?

Daxko Payment Services has made us much more efficient in our processing and collections of payments. The Proactive Account Updater functionality has greatly decreased the number of returns we see each month. When we do have a return, the integration allows us to easily add a note or fee to the file within the returns manager and re-process if needed.

What has the impact been on your team and your Y since you’ve begun using Daxko Payment Services?

First, we’ve enjoyed a lot of time savings. We estimate that moving to Daxko Payment Services saves us about 40 hours per month in attempting to update card information and collect on card declines. Next, we’ve noticed a drop in cancellations spurred by attempting to collect a declined payment from a member. The state of North Carolina allows a $25 collection fee on a declined credit card payment. With Daxko Payment Services, 30% of our members that would have received this fee in the past are not incurring one now because their card information is updated before the decline even has a chance to happen.

What is the one thing you would tell other organizations considering Daxko Payment Services?

When talking with other organizations considering Daxko Payment Services, I tell them it has exceeded my expectations and that I’m more pleased that I ever could have anticipated. It allows us to work more efficiently. I can add two more centers to our association without having to increase staff headcount because we are able to work so much smarter with Daxko Payment Services.

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